ExclusiveProject #makejoefaster Pt 2

Project #makejoefaster is about taking an average Joe, and making him faster. Part one introduced FJ contributor Joe Hayhow, and now in PT2 we get to work on bike set up with Chris Porter from Mojo Suspension




Amplifi Knee Joint Pad review 

If your legs are on the skinnier side, the Amplifi Knee Joint pad could be perfect for you. It offers excellent protection, but remains comfortable when in the saddle all day.



Rose Bikes 2016 range | our top picks

Check out our favourites from the new Rose Bikes 2016 range – featuring the Granite Chief trail bike, Uncle Jimbo enduro bike, The Bruce dirt jump bike and Ground Control all rounder



Rose Pikes Peak 2016 Prototype

Rose designer Max Sistenich has developed a brand new platform, with 150-160mm of travel and adjustable, modern geometry that can easily be adjusted on the trail.


Heist 30mm

Essential MTB gear | July 2015

We’ve had a bunch of great kit through the door for review in the last couple of weeks – here’s some of the best and most essential MTB gear we’re testing right now – keep an eye out for full reviews coming soon…


ShimanoXTcamp 8

Shimano XT 11 speed- first ride!

Shimano XT 11 speed can be had for under £405, and offers truly excellent shifting performance. We’ve been riding the drive train for three weeks now – here are our first impressions…


MadisonRecon 11

Madison Recon glasses review

This triple lens eyewear kit from Madison costs under £50 and comes with high quality Carl Zeiss lenses for zero distortion optical clarity and performance in a variety of different light.


Marin2016 3

2016 Marin mountain bikes

Founded in 1986 from mountain biking’s birth place, Marin Bikes have pumped out some truly iconic bikes in the past – like their early two tone mountain bikes. We check out four of the coolest bikes from the 2016 range…

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