Andreu Lacondeguy Super-flip at the Cruzfest, 2015

Video | Fest Series 2015 Cruzfest highlights

Graham Agassiz and friends set up the Fest series so they could get back to what they liked doing best – sending it off huge jumps and developing their own style. Check out the high light video from the Cruz fest, which has some insane jumps and a suprising amount of technical tricks – considering they are riding downhill bikes…



ChromagClutchGrip 3

Chromag Clutch Grip Review

A grip’s a grip, right? Well not in this case. The Chromag Clutch lock-on style grip has a few tricks up its sleeve – the main one being a huge 146mm width, which enables you to butt your brake levers up against the grip, offering a wide space for control – and a neat look.



Hiplok Gold test | Factory Jackson

Hiplok Gold bicycle lock review

The Hiplok Gold is a seriously heavy-duty chain lock that can be worn round the waist like a belt – thanks to the clever buckle system – and meets the highest bicycle lock rating – Sold Secure Gold



Tahnée Seagrave presents #COPPARIDE

With the help from her sponsors, Tahnée is raising awareness for breast cancer, by collaborating with breast cancer charity CoppaFeel. By buying a wrist band you not only support the charity, but enter yourself in to and amazing competition to win Tahnée’s 2015 Fort William race bike, and a whole load of kit to go with it.



ExclusiveFest Series 2015 Preview

Last year a band of the world best mountain bikers broke loose and created their own event series, featuring huge jumps, breakthrough sessions and wild parties. As Graham Agassiz’s Reunion kicks off in Kamloops BC, we caught up with the man himself to chat about the revival of Freeride…


Intense Carbine 29 4

Intense Carbine 29 Expert bike review

The Carbine 29 wants to be treated dirty and ridden hard; It wants to claw up technical trails with your heart pounding at 170bpm, and it wants to tow you down through rocky gullies on the knife edge of your ability.


1001 Bikes book

1001 Bikes to Dream of Riding before you die

Compiled by renowned cycling journalist Guy Kesteven – who has one of the most remarkable (en)cyclopaedic brains in the bike industry – 1001 bikes to dream of riding before you die, as you might have guessed, features 1001 bikes…

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On Any Sunday ft Steve McQueen

Video | On Any Sunday ft Steve McQueen

Produced by Bruce Brown, On Any Sunday is narrated by Dana Brown and is the story of men and motorcycles. It features some true legends of the motorcycle world like Mert Lawwill and Malcolm Smith, as well as iconic movie star Steve McQueen…


Troy Lee Ruckus shorts, Camo

Fresh and Functional | MTB riding kit #2

MTB riding kit these days is more than just functional clothing – we’re stating to develop an identity. Some like subtle styling and others go bold and brash – there’s a bit here for most…



Music | Qdup presents Funk Parade 2015

Time for some more sunshine beats, now that the sun is out and the trails are dry. Let Qdup take care of all things funky and enhance your sunshine vibe with this corking selection of funk, soul and hip-hop tunes. Get the sunnies on and crack a beer open…

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