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Kona Bikes | 2017 (25 of 39)

ExclusiveKona 2017 | Our Top Picks

Kona 2017 – our favourite 5 For the last few years, Kona has been simmering away nicely with a steady range of well considered bikes. The Kona 2017 range sees many familiar models, subtle improvements throughout […]

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Trek Slash 29 (16 of 17)

Trek Slash 2017 Unveiled

The Trek Slash 2017 is the 150mm 29in Enduro Race model you’ve been waiting for now the Fuel is a 130mm 29er and the Remedy stays as a 27.5in wheel rig



Fox Transfer Post | First Look

The new Fox Transfer dropper seat post comes in both the classy and expensive Kashima coating, and new Performance Black. We checkout the Performance post.

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