Eurobike2017 | DVO introduces 2 brand new forks and a shock

September 5th, 2017

By Alex Jones in News

The jewel in the Eurobike halls?

Plenty to see on the DVO stand

The 2018 DVO Suspension line-up is looking seriously impressive and is set to build on the fantastic reviews recently received for the Diamond Fork and Topaz shock. The expanded range features the Onyx DH fork as well as the 170mm travel Beryl and a new trail orientated Opal rear shock. The Opal is due to hit UK shores in spring 2018.

DVO Onyz fork

The Onyx downhill fork uses DVO’s Diamond damper in a traditional “right-side-up” dual-crown layout with 203mm of travel. The fork has an updated Off The Top (OTT) adjustment and the air spring now accepts volume spacers. Adjustments include high-speed and low-speed compression and low-speed rebound. There are bleed valves on back of the fork to keep things running ultra smooth.

The Opal T2 has a two-position compression adjustment which keeps the shock halfway into the compression or fully open. The lever can be flipped either way easily when out riding. Available up to 210 x 55mm and in Metric, trunnion and standard layouts.

The new Beryl created huge interest at the show – “The Beryl is, for all intents and purposes, a Diamond,” explains DVO boss Bryson Martin. “We just broke down the Diamond fork, took a look at what each feature actually cost us to make, and then said how can we cut out the most expensive parts without significantly compromising performance?”
“We actually sent the Beryl to a lot of our sponsored riders and they kept asking, so, what is different about this fork? It feels just like my Diamond!” says Martin. “And it should, it’s really almost the same fork.”

The DVO Beryl

Short for Beryllium this fork promises Diamond performance at a much reduced cost

When this hits the market later this year expect it to be priced aggressively to target the Fox and Rock Shox competitors. We are working on getting a set in for testing soon.




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