Reader’s Rides

August 1st, 2017

By Matt Reeves in Features

We at Factory Jackson have always been about the riders, the riders that are passionate about the same things that we love, getting out and enjoying the freedom a bike brings.

For the riders that grind away the pedals week in week out, whether you’ve had a shit day at work, a barney at home or the kids are doing your head in, the bike is there, a tool a councillor to take your mind of the monotony and woes of life and a social tool for you to meet up with mates. But it’s too easy these days to be swept up in the ever changing ‘industry standards’ and the next must have items that can ultimately take away from the whole reason why we jumped on a bike in the first place… To have fun. So we are going to be running our new series ‘Riders Rides’ from Industry people to the weekend warrior. Find out what the people behind the brands are riding, their likes and dislikes, their favourite bit of kit,  the weekend warriors, the every day mtb’er whether it’s a 26″ wheeled steel hardtail or a fully custom dream build we’ve got you! Find out what tyres suits where they ride, why they chose the bike they did, do they prefer form over function?

We enjoy seeing your riding pics on our Facebook page and hearing about your rides, So when we’re out and about we could stop you and quiz you on your bike.

First in our series we have Bruce Aka Mr Mudhugger and his awesome Orange Alpine. A bike that is most definitely used week in week out just check his instagram @mudhugger

Name: Jamie Gardiner

Job: MD, joint owner of Mudhugger and general dogsbody.

Why you chose your bike? Hand made in Halifax

What’s your favourite can’t live without bike related item? Still has to be the dropper seatpost

Natural or man made? Natural

Favourite place to ride ever? Er…tricky, but probably the Golfie

How long have you been riding bikes? Started in 1988, bought ex hire Giant Escarpe from Dafydd and Sian at Beics Betws (when it was in Betws!)

Part of a crew or a soloist? I’m a Gemini so changes hourly.

Favourite bike you’ve ever owned? Got to be the Orange Alpine 6 (although my 1990 Marin Pinewoods, which got stolen from outside Bristol University, is a close 2nd)

Other hobby or interests? Trying to get my 11 year old daughter to be less stereotypically girly.

Rooty Rocky climb or smooth and steady climb? steady all day long

What got you intrested in the sport? My brother, Bruce, got one and it worked better than my Dad’s old 10 speed racer through our local woods. We used the bikes to get into the mountains and keep fit during the climbing off season or when it was too wet to climb.

Strava or for the fun? Fun, unless of course someone beats one of my KOM’s 😉

Last thing you purchased for riding? Haha, Evoc Hip (fanny) Pack. Actually worked really well in last weeks heatwave.




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