Gee Milner: La Bresse World Cup – Day 1

August 4th, 2011

By Factory Jackson in Features

Factory Jackson contributor and up and coming UK videographer, Gee Milner has hopped the Chanel to Euroland to capture all the action from round six of the 2011 UCI World Cup in La Bresse, France for his up coming video. In the meantime and between keeping that lens fixed between the tape, Gee will be beaming over some cool shots over the next few days that will give us his perspective on the events as they unfold and all the usual goings on at a World Cup. Here’s the first few shots of the trip to France with fellow Yorkshireman and Ellsworth/ O’Neal pinner, Jack Reading.

No time to waste for Jack; wheel building in transit!

Picturesque setting for the finish and no doubt handy for the pub – could be handy if Peaty gets another podium here, after all, he won it the last time the tour stopped off here and the track is a firm favourite with big man from Sheffield.

The track is full of rocks, here, there and everywhere – I bet the Mavic and DT Swiss technicians love this place!

Wish you were here? Loving the view, not that the riders will have time to take it in on the way down what is a pretty rapid track.

You can’t have a World Cup without rain. Fingers crossed we’ll get a dry race!

More rocks…

Jack at the top of the track – getting closer to God? Works for Aaron Gwin!

What will come over the coming days leading up to finals? This is the penultimate round and with points to play for and the possibility of Aaron Gwin wrapping the series up right here, the action will undoubtably be non stop come finals.

If you want to see more of Gee’s work, head over to the GeeMilnerFilms page over on Facebook and get following! Stay tuned for more over the next few days.




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