MTB Essentials #3 | Sandy Plenty | The Trailhead

June 3rd, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Features

MTB Essentials #3 – Sandy Plenty, Owner of The Trailhead

This is the third part of our MTB Essentials series where we talk to industry workers and fellow riders about five MTB related things they simply can’t be without.

Some folks might pick the latest and greatest carbon fibre super bikes – but others will be delving in their riding bags to pull out trusty multi-tools a decade old…

Last time we spoke to Matty, who runs Soho Bikes. Check it out right here 

Sandy Plenty

Sandy Plenty is one of the friendliest and most knowledgeable guys on the bike scene. If you’re visiting Shrewsbury you should definitely pay him a visit.

In part 3, we visit Sandy Plenty – owner of the The Trailhead Bicycle Company in Shrewsbury. Sandy is an intrinsic part of the Shropshire riding scene, and has been one of the main mons for many years now.

His shop is a little different to others – it’s compact, but crammed with the very best gear you can get. If Sandy rates it, The Trailhead stock it.

Check out Sandy Plenty’s MTB essentials…

Fox 36 RC2 Suspension Fork

Sandy Plenty

Make no mistake – the Fox 36 is one hell of a high end fork and has a price that matches. But it does have phenomenal performance…

“The Fox 36 as we know it now is light; super stiff and so good that I have one on all my bikes. Whether you have them at 140mm, 160mm – or more – they just feel incredible once you have them dialled in.

The damping is excellent and due to the overall control, they are my go-to fork. The Fox 36 always gets me out of the shit!”

The Fox 36 retails for £899 and you can get stockist details from the importers Mojo Suspension , and sign up for the Pro Bike Clinic and buy direct from them. 


King Titanium Bottle Cage

Sandy Plenty

Ok, so some might laugh at bottle cages for being a bit ‘enduro’ – but the joke’s on them as those in the know have been using them non-stop since from the first time round. Simple, and effective. And oh-so-Titanium…

“There’s two reasons I love this very simple thing.

Firstly, the actual bottle cage itself is the one thing that’s come from the road side of cycling that is still useful for mountain biking. Some days you don’t want to be restricted – you just want to chuck a bottle on the bike and go.

Secondly, they’re made of Titanium – so they retain their spring well in time – and they are made in someone’s garage in Colorado. Which is rad!

King Cages are my favourite”

The King Cage retails for £49.99 and you can find out more right hereBuy one here


Royal Racing Quantum Gloves

“It’s simple really. Gloves to me are a bit like condoms – you don’t really want to wear them. But when you do – they have to fit well.

And these fit really well.  And I can feel the bars really well!”

Royal Racing Quantum gloves retail for £19.99 and you can find stockists here 


Crank Brothers Speedier tyre lever

“Another simple one here really – but that’s the key! Changing tyres is one of the dullest jobs. And this lever saves your knuckles, and is very easy to use – even with ultra tight tyres. It’s also strong and durable.

If a product can improve a boring experience – I’m all in!”

Crank Brothers Speedier tyre levers cost £6.50. Stockist details right here 


Fuji X-E1 Digital Camera

Sandy Plenty

With quality mirrorless cameras available in the popular 4/3rds size, being able to take high-quality trail-side snaps is getting easier. Sandy’s found his ideal trail friend with the Fuji X-E1 – taking inspiration from professional photographer Duncan Phillpott

“On the Transprovence last year, I got to know Duncan Philpott. He’s a lovely guy, and has got some great stories.

But as a lensman he’s really damned good, and took this rad pan shot of me on a race day – which I absolutely love.

When I found out that it was taken on a compact Fuji – I went out and bought one straight away!

I can’t use it as well as he can – but it’s always in my riding bag for capturing the moment, and it’s one of my treasured possessions”

Sandy Plenty

And here’s a very happy Sandy Plenty, holding a print of that #panshot by Duncan Philpott that inspired him to get out and get a camera himself…

The Fuji X-E1 costs about £260 online and you can find out all the spec details out here 





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