Doodlelid – Sam Needham’s Custom Helmet

April 6th, 2017

By Andrew Dodd in Features,Lifestyle

Sam Needham –  Giro Montaro ‘Doodlelid’

MTB photographer, illustrator and artist Sam Needham has just fired us some shots of his latest creation – a Giro Montaro helmet, with amazing hand drawn graphics.

Using a similar concept to the artwork he did on Rachael Walker’s bike a couple of years ago, his new Doodlelid looks mega. (check out Rach’s bike right here)


Sam Needham’s artistic flair comes across with this wildy detailed helmet design that he calls ‘Doodlelid’. We want our own one!

Check how cool it looks – we reckon he might be on to something…

“Concept wise, I saw Seb Kemp had taken a sharpie to his helmet (wehey) and that got me inspired.

I doodled Rach Walker’s bike a couple of years ago  and never really thought of doing a trail lid, although I’d thought of working on a full face but never got around to it.

The actual design wasn’t really following much of a pattern. I wanted it to be more reflective of quick doodles and sketches I do on the road. So really, it’s a mishmash of thoughts, graphics and patterns that came to my head and worked with the helmet.

I’m actually seeing this one as a draft, napkin sketch, for the next one. ?”


The Doodlelid from front three quarters.

“It took a few hours all in all I’d say. That’s not including all the time sat there nervously edging the pen towards the blank canvas thinking ‘aint no going back’.

It’s really hard to show the whole lid nicely in snaps – you need to see the detail in the flesh!”



Sam Needham is not only a wizard behind the lens and an artistic craftsman – he’s a damned fine rider too. Cheeky selfie wearing his own Doodlelid masterpiece.

What do you think of Sam Needham’s Doodlelid?

Is it the coolest thing you’ve seen in ages, or is he a mad man for taking a marker pen to the awesome looking Giro Montaro? 





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