Grit and Steel Cycling Exhibition in Sheffield

February 27th, 2017

By Andrew Dodd in Features,Lifestyle

Grit and Steel Cycling Exhibition on until March 6th 2017

Friday evening saw the launch of Sheffield’s first ever piste map for cycling.  Those of you who made it down will probably have heard Richard Baybutt wax-lyrical about what a talent Nick Sawyers (the illustrator) is, and how he loves living back in Sheffield.The event went well, they didn’t run out of beer (provided by the very generous Stancill Brewery) and they were kept lovely and warm with a fire in the yard.

The exhibition is up until March 6th at the APG Works so if you’re in or around Sheffield then do head to the gallery for a look.Grit and Steel expo

Grit and Steel – The Map

Grit and Steel is Sheffield’s first ever piste-map for cyclists, featuring over 45 spots to get sideways and rad on a bicycle. The Outdoor City just became infinitely more accessible – without losing any of its unrivaled spirit or irreverence. The map produced by Cotic, is a call to arms for all riders from all locations to get exploring all corners of our wonderful home. There’s magic hidden in the hills, now you know where to look.

The Artist

Nick Sawyers has brought a drop of Californian sunshine, from his home 8,500 miles away in Long Beach, to the Steel City. You can find Nick riding the world famous Sheep Hills on his BMX, getting his monster truck axle-deep in the sand dunes of Baja, or creating prodigious murals all over LA. With his Bachelors from Alabama in Industrial Design and experience as an illustrator, Sawyers uses his diverse skills for clients such as S&M BMX, Alice + Olivia and Bud Lite.

“Get loose or get lost” at


Grit And Steel Expo-18

The Photographers

Richard Baybutt  – @baybutt

Chris Davies – @cmjdavies

Niall Flinn – @niallflinn

Dom Mason – @masoncycles

Sebastian Ott – @traumund

Duncan Philpott – @duncanphilpott

James Vincent – @jamesvincent


Grit and Steel expo

The Company

Established in 2003, Cotic is Sheffield’s best bike company; producing steel-framed, high-end, mountain & road bikes. Cotic bicycles have been ridden to the shops, raced in World Championships and summited both mountains and podiums. We are driven by passion, enthusiasm, experience and the simple love of riding a bicycle.

More information about the Grit and Steel exhibition can be found RIGHT HERE, so get involved 




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