The Bike Place Show – Our Best Bits

January 31st, 2017

By Andrew Dodd in Features

The Bike Place Show – things that floated our boat

Another week, another trade show – this time The Bike Place Show at Silverstone – here’s a bunch of stuff that caught our eye when wondering around:

Orange Stage – Enduro Race platform

Launched on Monday, the  new 29er Enduro platform from Orange was on display at The Bike Place Show. There are two models – the Stage 5 (in photo below) with 140mm up front and 35mm out back; and the Stage 6 with 160 up front and 150 out back.

The Bike Place

Using the tried and tested single pivot formula that is intrinsic with the Orange identity, this new 29in wheeled race bike is designed to handle the shit that Enduro racing dishes out. The shorter travel model is certainly the one that will suit more UK based riders, but the long travel Stage 6 model sure does look fun. We’re in the queue for a test bike, so will let you know when we get one.

More info on the two bikes can be seen right here. 


Orange StrangE – Shimano e8000 equipped E-bike

Orange has always been a brand to experiment with geometry, wheel sizes and new technology – and having experimented with e-bikes for a while, were showing off their StrangE e-bike, as powered by the Shimano e8000 system (often referred to by the Steps name of their urban e-bike motor and battery combos).

The Bike Place

The Orange StrangE was drawing a lot of attention at The Bike Place show – E-bikes are probably the hottest topic in mountain biking right now. Watch this space.

This orange beast is based on the Alpine 6 platform, and has a down tube design that envelopes the battery unit and helps keep that weight down low.  Although uncertain on the bike’s future, this particular model would shift for a princely £6999.

We reckon the market is just getting ready for such bikes, so lets wait and see what happens over the coming year…


Schwalbe Tire Booster – tubeless inflation

Tucked away on the Schwalbe stand at The Bike Place Show, we spotted this tubeless inflation system – which you may well recognise as it’s identical to the brilliant Air Shot, and is even a licensed version. This is great for Air Shot as the development Charles put in has obviously paid off, as now Schwalbe has got this every where.

The Bike Place

It’s nice to see a great product acknowledged and properly licensed. It would be very easy for a bigger company to pull rank and move the bull dozers in. Nice work Schwalbe!

The Airshot is available right here (check our review right hereand the Schwalbe Tire Booster version is available right here. Both cost a snip under £50.

Focus Jam C Factory

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Olly Wilkins, you’ll notice that in addition to being a designer for The Bike Place

This 140mm travel carbon fibre trail bike is seriously plush, and has a solid single pivot back end on it. The shock is driven by a unique double linkage that offers a very supple initial movement, which ramps up well to cope with hard landings.

£3999 gets you this team version, but other models are also available.


Industry Nine wheels – ultra trickery!

Industry Nine have been putting out high end wheels for quite some time, but they still manage to fly under the radar for many.

These demo wheels laced up using all the colours they make were drawing a lot of attention at The Bike Place Show…

With unique spokes that screw straight in to the hubs, and a 30.5mm (inner width) rim these Enduro 305 wheels are very stiff – and very strong. They also look amazing!

£1245 from the fine chaps at Just Riding Along. 

Orbea Occam Am M-LTD – rapid 29er light weight!

With 120mm of travel, this 29er trail bike is designed to go as fast as possible. When we picked it up to take this photo were were so shocked we had to weight it – 24lbs for the size medium.


The Bike Place

There are several specs available, but this one is the all singing £6499 masterpiece. And boy would we love to thrash one of these along the local single track – no excuse for hauling on this whippet!

The pricing goes down to £1799 for the basic SLX equipped model, and there’s a 140mm travel 27.5 in wheel version too. Well worth a look!

Check them out right here. 


Ion Rascal clipless Shoes – lightweight and protective

With built in cross strap support, these Ion clipless look great and come in a stealthy black colour way too.

The cleat recess has nice long slots and the shoe has a soft and sticky rubber sole. They are also really light, which suggests the padding won’t suck up water like the older Shimano Am45s.

A great looking shoe – from a company that makes really nice cycling clothing that looks great off the bike too.

Pole Evolink 140 – pushing the long bike tech forwards

Pole bikes have been on our radar for some time, but it was good to see the crazy long 29in wheeled Evolink 140 in the UK properly now.

The Bike Place

The Pole Evolink 140 was certainly the longest bike at The Bike Place show – reckon it’s too long for you?

In a size large, the Evolink 140 has a 1314mm wheelbase – longer than anything stock out there – and offers incredible stability on any terrain.

It definitely floats our boat – though have yet to ride one! We spotted the Pole on the Velobrands stand at the Bike Place Show – so it looks like you’ll be seeing more of them in the UK…

Industry 9 Matchstix hidden axle tools

Tools that store inside your bike seem to be the latest craze, and these stunning bolt through axles from Industry Nine held nifty Allen and Torx heads inside a rust proof sheath that operate with the axle, which also acts as a chain tool. Different versions are available for Fox, Rockshox and both Boost and normal. £142 gets you the axle pictured – more combos can be seen right here. 


Niner RIP 9 RDO – 29in Enduro freight train

How nice does this Niner look?

150mm of very plush suspension combined with 29in wheels makes for a hell of a combo – this thing looks fast!

The Bike Place

The Niner RIP 9 RDO just looks right – one of our favourite spots at The Bike Place show 2017.

With a roomy wheelbase, 66.5degree head angle and a stiff, light weight platform – this is a bike that should appeal to the racers out there, as well as those that either ride seriously rough terrain. Or just fancy pushing their luck by hitting any descent in front of them at warp speed.

This XT equipped model can be snapped up for £5599, though there are frame sets for £3200.

It’s on our hit list!





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