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December 30th, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Bikes,Features

The Hottest Bikes of 2016 – our favourites from the year

2016 has been a hell of a year for bike development, and here’s some the hottest bikes we’ve seen on our travels…

Evil The Wreckoning

Hottest Bikes - 2016 Factory Jackson

This 160mm travel wagon wheeled behemoth popped up on the 2016 radar at a time when many had forgotten about 29in wheels. Evil Bikes proved that a 29in wheel bike can not only monster truck over anything in site, but have a lively ride and stunning looks. The Following is definitely one of the hottest bikes of 2016 – though if it has too much travel for you, it’s well worth checking out the 120mm travel The Following.

Marin Nail TrailHottest Bikes - 2016 Factory Jackson

Great bikes don’t have to leave your credit card smouldering, and amongst the brands offering brilliant value bikes include Marin. This aluminium hard tail has a SRAM 1×11 drivetrain and a well considered spec including wide bars, a fairly short stem and sturdy, wide rims. The Nail Trail also features a classy paint job, and graphics that resemble the brand’s classic logo.

More details on the Marin Nail Trail right here, and we have a review coming soon.

Orange and Identiti – UK born rippers

When we rode the 120mm travel Four at Bike Park Wales earlier this year, we couldn’t get enough of the bike. It’s fast feel across the ground and taught, punchy feel of the suspension had loads of grip and a great feel for jumping – making it feel like a 4X bikes bigger brother. More info right here. 

The Identiti Mettle is the work of the brilliant Michael Bonney and Pat Campbell-Jenner. With progressive geometry and a plush suspension system that uses the new metric shock sizing, this bike is bang up to date and is also very good value. It might fly under your radar – but is well worth checking out. More info right here. 

Intense RecluseHottest Bikes - 2016 Factory Jackson

Just look at the insane colour of this thing. It could only be an Intense!

It’s great to see them firing on all cylinders, and this 140/150mm carbon fibre trail smasher is one of the brands hottest bikes. More information on the Intense Recluse here.

Trek Slash and Pivot Switchblade

These carbon fibre 29in wheeled bikes are absolutely stunning. The Trek Slash was previously a 27.5in wheeled Enduro bike, but ups the ante for 2017 as a 29in wheeled attacker – we can’t wait to sling a leg over on of these. As far as big wheelers go, this has to be one of the hottest bikes on the planet!

The Pivot can be set up with 27.5in plus size wheels – or our preference with 29in wheels as shown here. It’s fast, snappy and stiff as – just what you need for wading in to rock gardens at full pelt. Full information on the Pivot Right Here.

Martyn Ashton’s Canyon Sender

Hottest Bikes - 2016 Factory Jackson

Following his remarkable return to mountain biking following a life changing injury (full story right here) Martyn Ashton once again blew everyone away by riding the famously gnarly Fort William World Cup Downhill track with the help from a few friends – including Canyon bikes who provided the Sender downhill frame, and Mojo Suspension who built and fine tuned this incredible electric powered set up. Watch the incredible video of him tackling Fort William right here.

Alchemy Arktos and Stif Morf

The Alchemy Bikes Arktos is one of the hottest bikes we’ve ever seen – this all black beauty was attracting a lot of eyes at the Saddleback open day recently, and we still cast our eyes over the photos now.

Unlike the advanced carbon Arktos, the Stif Morf is pleasantly simple. The steel hard tail design has thin seat-stays for comfort and roomy, aggressive geometry. Check our review out right here. 

Bold Cycles and Peaty’s Custom FT Bill Bike

We spotted Bold Cycles at Eurobike (more info here)  and loved the hidden shock design and sleek looks. We hear a UK distributor is going to be announced soon – and we will have a test bike shortly after. Watch this space!

One of the hottest bikes of the year without a doubt was Steve Peat’s Santa Cruz V10, as custom painted by Fat Creations. The big man Peaty raced in custom matched kit to huge roars from the crowd, all the way to his trackside bar where he celebrated his last ever Fort William World Cup race. Peaty had a lot of nice bikes over the year, but this was out favourite! More pics right here

Robot BikesHottest Bikes - 2016 Factory Jackson

With a radically different approach to bike design, Robot Bikes are made from carbon fibre tubes that are bonded to Titanium lugs, made using the mind boggling Additive Manufacturing by Renishaw.

This incredible bit of kit might divide people on looks but for us this is on of the hottest bikes we saw in 2016 by far. Full details on Robot Bikes right here. 

Yeti AB5.5C and Kona Honzo Carbon

Yeti Cycles are more than just a bike brand – they have a huge following, and are more like an institution. This grey version of the stonking SB5.5c may not be the iconic Yeti blue, but it just looks right – one of the hottest bikes around for sure!

Full bike check, pricing and details right here.

As for the Kona – we discovered this anomaly on the press camp in Switzerland earlier this year. This carbon fibre 29in wheeled world cup XC bike is a little different to the rest – it features progressive geometry in the form of a remarkably short back end combined with a long front and stumpy  stem. And it’s as stiff as a jump bike. We were so blown away that we’ve just taken delivery of one – watch this space, but more info can be read on our first ride right here

Danny Hart’s Mondraker Summum Carbon ProHottest Bikes - 2016 Factory Jackson

What a year the young ripper from Redcar has had!

Clearly on form, Danny has spent a lot of time getting his team bike just right, and the combo with a strict training plan has put him right back on top of the world. Just look at the thing – it’s stunning!
Full bike check right here.





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