Orange Bikes 2017 | Our Top Picks

July 11th, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Bikes,Features

Orange Bikes 2017 | Our Top Picks

It’s that time of year again when the latest bike models are being displayed, and we recently went to Bike Park Wales to test ride a bunch of the new Orange Bikes 2017 models.

Orange Bikes 2017

Although the bikes we rode were branded with the development logo ‘Strange’, they were final designs and are what you will see on the shop floors as Orange Bikes 2017.

Unlike many of the larger manufacturers, Orange Bikes has the ability to constantly tweak and refine their bikes from their Halifax factory. For 2017, Orange Bikes see some modernisations like the adoption of Boost 148mm, and they have some new surprises too.

Here are our top 6 models from the Orange Bikes 2017 range…


Segment Factory Orange Bikes 2017

We loved the Segment previously, but the latest version is a no holds barred weapon! The back end now feels much stiffer; plusher; there is plenty of tyre clearance out back and you can run 27.5+ wheels if you want too. We love the 447mm chainstay as there is loads of back end grip – but it still feels lively and picks up nicely thanks to the sensibly low BB.

This build is £5000, but as usual with Orange there are various options, and a frame kit too.

Here are the main details for the Orange 2017 Segment…

  1. 29in wheels (accepts 27.5+ too)
  2. Boost 148mm
  3. 6mm wider pivot
  4. More tyre clearance
  5. Improved suspension efficiency
  6. 68deg head angle
  7. 74 seat angle
  8. 447mm chainstay


Four ProOrange Bikes 2017

We’ve not ridden the Four before this trip, and couldn’t believe how good this 120mm travel bike felt. The amount of travel might say XC to you, but it screams fun to us. This thing feels like a 4X bike for the trails – amazing at jumping and rails turns hard. The low front end gives lots of grip once used to it and puts you in an attack position.

It’s generally a lot faster than you might think – more of a bike than the 120mm suggests. Don’t second guess it…

Here are the main details for the Orange 2017 Four Pro…

  1. 27.5in wheels
  2. New Fox 34 Performance, Boost 110mm
  3. New Fox DPS Performance shock
  4. XT 11 speed
  5. 67degree head angle
  6. 424mm chainstay


Clockwork Evo Orange Bikes 2017

You only have to take a glance at the brand new progressive geometry hard tail from Orange to realise how much fun this thing will be. It’s slack head angle and long wheelbase puts you in the middle of the bike – and will no doubt be a complete ripper out on the trails.

Here are the main details for the Orange 2017 Clockwork Evo…

  1. 27.5in wheels
  2. 66deg head angle
  3. 74 degree seat angle
  4. 425mm chain stay
  5. 130mm fork
  6. 142mm x 12mm rear end


Alpine 6 Orange Bikes 2017


The popular Alpine makes a return for 2017 with a host of new updates – including a 300gram weight reduction and improved pivot positioning. We’ve got an Alpine coming in for review soon so will keep you updated when we sling a leg over one – we can’t wait!

Here are the main details for the Orange 2017 Alpine 6…

  1. New pivot positioning
  2. Chainstay -8mm from 2016
  3. BB 5mm lower than 2016
  4. Shock curve more progressive
  5. Improved suspension action
  6. Boost 148mm
  7. 6mm wider pivot positioning
  8. 300grams lighter than 2016
  9. 64.5deg head angle
  10. 430mm chainstay


P7 Orange Bikes 2017

The classic steel hard tail from Orange Bikes is better than ever with a radical 65degree head angle and progressive geometry. It is beautifully made from Reynolds 525 cromoly tubing which has that lovely spring to the ride. If you;re looking for a hard tail that won’t fight you on the trails – the P7 is your beast.

Here are the main details for the Orange 2017 P7…

  1. Reynolds 525 cro mo tubeset
  2. 65 degree head angle
  3. 74 degree seat angle
  4. Long wheel base


Five RSOrange Bikes 2017

The Five is no doubt one of the most popular bikes in the Orange Bikes range, and has 140mm of travel.

The £4000 Orange Five RS bike is based around a SRAM XO1/X1 and GX 11 speed mix, and Rockshox suspension. Up front is the Pike RCT3 with 150mm of travel and out back is the Monarch RT3 Debonair shock.

Here are the main details for the Orange 2017 Five…

  1. Chainstay 4mm shorter than 2016
  2. BB 8mm lower than 2016
  3. 10mm longer front end
  4. New pivot positioning
  5. Improved suspension action
  6. 6mm wider pivot
  7. Boost 148mm back end
  8. More tyre clearance
  9. New rear forming
  10. 300grams lighter


The Orange Bikes 2017 range are available right now from Orange Bikes

Which one would you pick right now?

Let us know in the comments below!




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