Shimano 14 speed XT Samurai unveiled!

April 1st, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Tech

Shimano 14 speed XT M8088 Samurai changes everything*

Hot on the heels of SRAM’s crazy Eagle 12 speed cassette, Shimano has just unveiled the frankly insane 14 speed cassette, shifter and mech combo at their high-end XT level.

That’s FOURTEEN. One, Four. 14!

As you know SRAM recently released the formidable 12 speed Eagle drive train, abolishing the front mech and setting themselves as the forward thinker in the transmission world.

But in a slightly uncharacteristic move Shimano has pulled off a hell of a move.

We knew their recent silence wouldn’t last.


Shimano’s Samurai chops the Eagle’s wings off

In the last few years, we’ve seen some kind of Tortoise and Hare race between SRAM and Shimano – but it looks like Shimano want to remind every one that they are firmly back up there.

The enormous 10-54 gear range offers a 540% gear range – that’s 40% more than SRAM’s already impressive offering. You don’t need a heavy electric motor and battery to get up those horrible climbs – just a Shimano 14 speed XT Samurai cassette!

Shimano also claim a smoother gear transition with their Rhythm Step™ technology – the extra range of their cassette improves the shifting between sprockets.

More is definitely less” added a Shimano spokesperson. “When you experience the incredibly smooth shifting between gears – even under power – you won’t even have to justify your next purchase, as we’re offering 14 speed at the unbeatable XT price point first. We didn’t bother showing up at the start line this time – we’ve gone straight to the finish line”

The thing we want to know though, is why Shimano have entered 14 speed at the XT price point? Shimano are renowned for entering new technology at their premium XTR level, and later filtering down.

Are they trying to be different deliberately?

Or are they just trying to nip the dinner-plate-cassette war in the bud?


Either way – it seems they’ve been at it for a long time…

Shimano 14 speed XT

With a bit of snooping around online, it looks like Shimano filed for a patent on a 14speed cassette way back in 1996! Pretty interesting to find out how long companies have had things in development for.

Here are the details you need to know about Shimano 14 speed XT Samurai:

  1. 10-54 gear range
  2. Rhythm Step gearing – 10 | 12 | 14 | 17 | 21 | 25 | 28 | 31 | 34 | 37 | 40 | 44 | 49 | 54
  3. Standard/regular freehub body used – no XD aftermarket driver needed
  4. Expanded Rhythm Step gearing options (56 tooth option available)
  5. XTSS™ (XT Samurai Shifting) system for improved transition between gears – no harsh jumps
  6. Shadow SS™ (Samurai Shifting) rear mech with multi adjustable clutch retention system and Ultra Range™ jockey wheels
  7. Sprocket spacing the same as Shimano 11speed – uses the same chain.
  8. XT M088 Samurai™ 11-54 cassette | £73.99
  9. XT M088 Samurai™ 11-56 Expanded Rhythm cassette | £78.99
  10. XT M088 Samurai™ Ultra Range™ Rear mech | £74.99 
  11. XT M088 Samurai™ i-Spec II shifter | £40.99
Shimano 14 speed XT

Yup, count ’em up. 14 bloody sprockets. We remember moaning when 8speed came out because ‘it would never work in the mud’. How things have changed…


*Actually, nothing changes. This was entirely made up just for fun.

April Fools day, and all that.

1st of the 4th = 14. Get it? 




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