Mondraker E-Crusher Launch and Exclusive Interview

April 28th, 2017

By Andrew Dodd in Bikes,Features

Mondraker E-Crusher – the future of E-bikes?

If you read our story about Mondraker earlier this week (check it out right hereyou’ll have seen the hints about a new E-bike being launched…

The brand new Mondraker E-Crusher features the Zero suspension platform; Forward Geometry and the Shimano M8000 on board motor, which is housed in an incredible Stealth Carbon fibre frame…uploads-e-crusher-carbon-rr-perfil_59008fa08cf9d

This class leading e-bike is a no expense spared super bike, and is designed from the ground up to be the best performing e-bike out there. The Stealth Carbon construction wasn’t used for it’s weight – it was used to achieve the ultimate frame design to incorporate the Shimano battery system, and offer maximum feel out on the trail.uploads-2017-04-15-sr-mondraker-320_5900a985eace3

The Shimano M8000 motor is housed in a smaller box than the Bosch unit – which meant getting the chain stays shorter without compromising frame design or the suspension system could be achieved.Mondraker E-Crusher

Here are the full details of the Mondraker E-Crusher: 

  1. Shimano Steps E8000 MTB motor and LCD display screen
  2. Stealth Carbon Technology frame
  3. 150mm Rear Travel / 160mm Fork
  4. Metric rear shock with Trunion mount offers ultra supple performance
  5. Forward Geometry – long front centre and responsive steering
  6. Zero Suspension System Technology
  7. Integrated and detachable Shimano E8020 battery
  8. HHG: Internal Hidden Housing Guide
  9. Boost Axles
  10. New pivot axles and oversized bearings
  11. Integrated rear shock fender
  12. Bottle cage mount on down tube
  13. Two models:
  14. Mondraker E-Crusher R (Graphite-Orange) | £6,599
  15. Mondraker E-Crusher RR (Graphite-Blue) | £8,399
  16. Full details available at Mondraker E-Crusher 
  17. Available from Silverfish 
Mondy Geo

E-Crusher Development

When visiting Mondraker Bikes recently, we got to see a prototype of the brand new E-Crusher, the concept art work behind it and learnt about the development of the bike…

Mondraker E-Crusher

Key design influences of the E-Crusher included electric cars and motorbikes…

Israel Romero and Salvador Martinez from the Product Development team told us a bit about the impressive new bike…

Factory Jackson: What made you opt for the Shimano motor over the Bosch system?

Israel: We went with Shimano over Bosch initially as we wanted an integrated system, and Bosch did not have this system when we were working on the E-Crusher.

Salvador: We made a prototype up with the Shimano motor, as we wanted to ensure it was as good as the Bosch system. We knew that the compact size of the Shimano system would enable us to build a better bike, but we needed to be sure of the performance.

Factory Jackson: What about the aggressive 150mm platform?

Israel: We decided that having a long travel bike was the way to go as you get the benefit of comfort, traction and bump absorption. 

Salvador: Our E-Crusher is really a just a mountain bike. It can be ridden anywhere – that is the great thing with electric motors. It will still out climb almost anything, and there is no sacrifice on downhill performance.

Factory Jackson: Integrating the battery in to the frame is quite advanced – but looks very neat…

Israel: The integrated design is key to the bike. In coming years all bikes will be integrated – you will see it happen as there’s no point having the battery high up on the frame, and not being enclosed.

Salva: We have not used carbon for weight reduction – it’s used on the E-Crusher as it’s the best material for the job. It enabled us to design a frame with no compromise.

Factory Jackson: How does it feel compared to existing Mondraker bikes?

Israel:  Our initial tests were overwhelming. The performance has far exceeded how we thought it would feel – the suspension feels incredible, and the new improved kinematics on our suspension design have made a noticeable difference.Mondraker E-Crusher

Factory Jackson: How long have you been working on the E-Crusher?

Israel: It was the middle of last year I rode early versions of the Shimano system – and was in touch with our designers and engineers direct in Taiwan about this new project. We had meetings with Shimano technicians about making a carbon bike to fully enclose an internal battery

Salvador: We had the Shimano guys on aluminium prototypes so they could also test the system and help us with feedback.

Factory Jackson: Did it take long to get the first carbon model?

Salvador: We have learned so much from the Foxy Carbon, and then the Dune. Our prototyping is much faster now and we can make more models at the same time to speed up the process. Different layups and things – but this is done once we have got the geometry and suspension kinematics as we want them.

Israel:  As soon as we rode the first bike, we realised it was even better than we first thought. The compliance you get from the carbon alongside the new geometry and suspension just felt amazing.
Even though the bike is maybe only a couple of pounds lighter than the e-crafty, the e-Crusher feels so much lighter to ride. It feels super light because of weight positioning, and the much improved back end.
This bike has a longer reach and slacker head angle than current models too, and the bigger bearings in the suspension add more stiffness and better action. 

The Mondraker E-Crusher is the start of the next big thing. It’s an exciting time!

What do you think of the Mondraker E-Crusher?

We’d love to know!




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