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The Race Face Agent Winter short is made from waterproof and breathable material; is fully lined and has a useful gaiter system for keeping out the chill…

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The Race Face Chute is a tough waterproof jacket built to withstand the type of wet and muggy riding dished out on Vancouver’s North Shore. We reviewed this jacket alongside 7 others for our MTB jackets group test.

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For performance riding in foul conditions you need to keep the mud and spray out of your eyes. Here are the best MTB mudguards out there right now to suit all bikes and style preferences…

Maxxis Shorty mud tyre review

The Maxxis Shorty 3C Maxx Terra TR mud tyre could well be the ultimate mud tyre for most mountain bikers – it enables you to confidently cut an edge in on turns that would otherwise be ridiculous!

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Winter. The will to go out and ride certainly wains when it’s cold and wet doesn’t it? More often than not, a compromise has to be made between comfort, tactility and warmth – all of […]

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The weather. Like it or not, if you enjoy spending your free time in the outdoors, it’s something that will most definitely have a bearing on how you prepare to spend that oh so special […]