e13 TRS Enduro Tyres Review

The brand new e13 TRS Enduro tyres might be the only tyres that e13 make, but don’t let that fool you. These tyres are tough as hell and have so much grip!

Mavic Crossmax XL WTS wheelset review

Available in all three wheel sizes, the Crossmax XL is designed from the ground up to be a versatile and reliable wheel set that will stand up to constant hard riding in demanding conditions.


The growing middle ground between cross country and downhill is an area tyre manufacturers are still getting their head around and while some truly amazing tyres exist in this genre, those that perform well when […]

Review: Maxxis High Roller II DH Tyres

If you asked a group of experienced downhill riders to name an iconic tyre from the last ten years, the Maxxis High Roller would almost certainly pop up more times than any other tyre, and […]

Review: WTB Bronson TCS Tyres

The very nature of riding 150mm travel ‘all mountain’ style bikes is that they allow you to ascend trails, to then descend them in a manner similar to that of a downhill bike. As great […]

Eurobike: Schwalbe, Mavic & Enve

The problem with trade shows is that sometimes you get there and you’ve pretty much seen it all before, either at a race or in the media somewhere. There are of course good things about […]