Trail Wear

SCOTT Releases New All Mountain Line

At Eurobike last year the sheer volume of new and exciting product did a lot to dampen the senses, but of all the brands and products on show, Scott looked like a brand on the […]

Review: Madison Flux Waterproof Storm Jacket

The great British summer is finally upon us, and how fitting it is that a light drizzle fills the air as I peak out of my window on this beautiful mid-June day (this was written […]

Review: Madison Zenith Shorts & Jersey

Good quality riding kit can make or break a day in the hills as much as it can make a dent in your wallet, but times are changing. Whether it’s the situation with the economy […]

Review: One Industries Sector Gloves

Gloves are a different bit of gear really; I mean this in terms that in a lot of ways your shorts and jerseys come and go. I think that gloves are more comparable to knee […]

Review: Answer Won Gloves

As important as your bike’s contact points are to you, the same is also true of the kit that connects them back to you. Protecting your hands from all angles, a good pair of gloves […]

Review: Five Ten Freerider VXi

How do you take a product synonymous with the brand delivering it and a product that is so well respected to the extent its almost standard, and then improve it? It’s not easy that’s for […]

Review: Fox Demo FR Shorts & Demo Jersey

The kind of apparel we once associated with the aggressive side of mountain biking has been gradually streamlined from something that was essentially designed for another sport. Recognizing that mountain biking isn’t moto-cross is a […]