Fabric Tool Keg Review

The Fabric Tool Keg has a neoprene liner and carries tools and essentials on your bike. The Keg uses the same mounts as the popular Fabric Cageless Bottle…

DMR Stage 1

DMR Stage 1 saddle review

The DMR Stage 1 saddle from is focussed on general trail riding – it’s just about light enough at 278grams for XC duties, but is tough enough to take a few hard knocks. It also has a nifty feature on the underside for storing tools or an inner tube…

Exclusive12 MTB tools you didn’t realise you needed

If you’re a bit of a grease monkey and like fettling in the garage, you’ll no doubt have a few decent MTB tools in your selection, but there are a whole bunch of interesting tools out there to make mechanical life easier.

Review: Lezyne Alloy Dirt Floor Drive Pump

Whether they’re in a busy bike shop or in a wet car park, floor pumps get both used and abused. Maybe it’s because they languish in the corner of garages, under stairs or in the […]