Troy Lee Designs Ruckus 2015 review

With a new fit for 2015, the popular TLD Ruckus shorts are the best they’ve ever been – especially if you’re on the lofty side – and make for a great set of all round riding kit when combined with the Ruckus riding jersey…

Essential MTB Gear | May 2015

MTB riding kit these days is more than just functional clothing – we’re stating to develop an identity. Some like subtle styling and others go bold and brash – there’s a bit here for most…

Scott Laughland – At Home

I am sure we all wished we had the perfect trails to ride straight out of the door. Well it looks like Scott Laughland might have just that with this ride that takes him from […]

Review: Troy Lee Designs Skyline Shorts

Troy Lee Designs are a brand synonymous with the aggressive end of mountain biking with the likes of Sam Hill and Cam Zink championing their successful helmet and apparel line down some of the nastiest […]

2012 Troy Lee Designs GP Air Kit

It’s getting hot and the tracks are getting dusty, so it’s time to get some air in your gear and there’s no better way to keep you cool when your out riding and racing, than […]

Preview: 2011 Troy Lee Designs D3 Carbon Pinstripe

The D3 helmet from Troy Lee Designs is the culmination of years of experience designing and manufacturing cutting edge helmets for off road bicycle and motorcycle riding. With a ‘no holds barred’ approach to product […]

2012 Troy Lee Designs Peaty D3

This just sprung up on Steve Peat’s Twitter and I’m under no illusion that this is one of the, if not THE coolest lid out of Troy Lee Designs in a while and that’s saying […]