Stans Arch MK3

Stans Arch Mk3 Wheelset Review

Stans Arch MK3 wheels are an excellent value for money wheelset, built on excellent 4 pawl hubs with a 36 point pick up, and use a 26mm internal width…

Stans Race Sealant Review

The new Stans Race Sealant formula is ultra effective – check our test out where we seal a tyre with 22 screw driver holes and a 6mm Stanley Knife slash..!

Schwalbe Procore review

Designed to offer maximum traction and puncture resistance, this dual chamber tyre system makes an incredible difference to ride quality – read on for our Schwalbe Procore review…

Intense Carbine 29 Expert bike review

The Carbine 29 wants to be treated dirty and ridden hard; It wants to claw up technical trails with your heart pounding at 170bpm, and it wants to tow you down through rocky gullies on the knife edge of your ability.