Saddles and Seatpost

Review: Race Face Atlas I-Beam Saddle & Post

I’ve been using an I-Beam saddle and post ever since they first appeared and I love the simplicity of the system, even going as far as stating that I think this set up is as […]

Review: Kore Durox Ti Saddle

A good saddle is worth its weight in gold, especially when mounted to a bike that spends more time being pedaled than being pushed… Trail riding can take you pretty far, far away from the […]

Review: ICE Lift V8 Dropper Post

My default reaction to new MTB products is one of cynicism. I’m a devout hard-tailer with an aversion to ‘new’ industry standards and unbeknown niches. But I had been in denial when it came to […]

Review: Charge Bikes Spoon Saddle

A sore behind and being hours from the car is a sure fire way to ruin your day, so making sure you’ve got the right gear for your rear, is must for any cyclist. A […]