Fabric Cell air sprung saddle review

Using technology found in air sprung trainers, the Fabric Cell saddle is very comfortable and is a great alternative to traditional gel based saddles – it’s the perfect saddle if you like putting in the miles…

DMR Stage 1

DMR Stage 1 saddle review

The DMR Stage 1 saddle from is focussed on general trail riding – it’s just about light enough at 278grams for XC duties, but is tough enough to take a few hard knocks. It also has a nifty feature on the underside for storing tools or an inner tube…

Charge TV: The New Charge Scoop Saddle

Currently under review here at FJ, the Charge Scoop is quite unlike any other saddle on the market and this factual little video sheds a little light on this new and rather special perch – […]

Review: Chromag OSX Bar & Trailmaster DT Saddle

Chromag are a brand who don’t scream and shout about what they do, but with their iconic bear logo on an increasing number of pro and industry insiders bikes, their guerrilla marketing has certainly got […]

Review: Kore Durox Ti Saddle

A good saddle is worth its weight in gold, especially when mounted to a bike that spends more time being pedaled than being pushed… Trail riding can take you pretty far, far away from the […]

Review: Charge Bikes Spoon Saddle

A sore behind and being hours from the car is a sure fire way to ruin your day, so making sure you’ve got the right gear for your rear, is must for any cyclist. A […]

Review: SDG I-Beam Storm AW Saddle

You can pretty much build a DH bike now with 100% DH specific parts, but saddles have seemingly never quite been there, until now. SDG have always been the saddle of choice by pros and […]

2012 SDG Duster Saddle Sneak Peak

Spotted recently on SDG’s twitter page, was this snap shot of their new 2012 Digger saddle and I think it’s pretty fair to say that these look bloody amazing! SDG are well known they no-compromise […]

Review: WTB Pure V Pro Saddle

I don’t know about you, but a good saddle can be a real deal breaker when it comes to having a good day on the bike. All too often I’ve had a good days riding […]