e13 TRS Enduro Tyres Review

The brand new e13 TRS Enduro tyres might be the only tyres that e13 make, but don’t let that fool you. These tyres are tough as hell and have so much grip!

Race Face Love Handles Grip Review

Need new grips?
With a cheeky name and a ribbed design the Race Face Love Handle grips come in seven colours and are made from ultra comfortable and tacky silicon rubber…

Continental Der Baron Projekt review

The old Baron had loads of grip, but the small volume and casing struggled. The new 2016 Continental Der Baron Projekt ProTection Apex 27.5 is ultra grippy and offers a stable and predictable ride.

ExclusiveOWN | Only What’s Necessary FR01 shoe

The Only What’s Necessary FR01 is a brand new flat pedal shoe with an intelligent modular design that effectively offers two shoes in one. It’s been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate flat pedal shoe.

Chromag Clutch Grip Review

A grip’s a grip, right? Well not in this case. The Chromag Clutch lock-on style grip has a few tricks up its sleeve – the main one being a huge 146mm width, which enables you to butt your brake levers up against the grip, offering a wide space for control – and a neat look.