Parkin Bros

DirtTV: Off Season

The Parkin Bros pin down some factory pinners in the pits at Sea Otter for some iside information on how their off-season has been going and what they’ve been up to since the final round […]

DirtTV: Finally III Part 4

One of my favourite tracks to watch here, Mont Saint Anne and present in all it’s glory courtesy of DirtTV and the Parkins. Mint action, potentially crap music, but sick all the same. These are […]

DirtTV: Finally 3 Part 3

Some good old racing action from DirtTV here with part 3 of this years Finally series. In this banger of an episode we get to relive all the action of the Leogang World Cup followed […]

DirtTV: Finally 3 Part 1 – Pietermaritz burg

Part one from this years Finally series from the folk at Dirt Magazine and Orpheus Productions has finally dropped today and is well worth a watch. Part 1 takes us behind the scenes with Trek […]

Finally DirtTV presents: Finally 3

Time to relive what has been one of the most incredible seasons of World Cup Downhill racing through the diligent lens’ of the Parkin brothers. Finally 3 is coming and it’s going to be good […]

DirtTV: Whip Off Worlds

This is just plain awesome! No two ways about it. Big bikes in the mountains, going and big and going sideways; love it! Hopefully this won’t be the last whip off we’ll see for a […]

Trek World Racing || In Pursuit || Five In The Fort

The latest instalment of the In Pursuit series from Trek World Racing has been released today. Entitled “Five In the Fort” it follows the downhill riders campaign at the iconic venue of Fort William, Scotland, […]

DirtTV: Fort William Friday Practice

Here it is, all the action courtesy of DirtTV from Friday’s downhill practice. The track’s looking pretty fast and with a good weather forecast for the week end, things will only get wilder, including the […]

DirtTV: World Cup 1 – Saturday Practice

Mik Hannah and Marc Beaumont get into the Easter spirt for their practice runs yesterday – more sweet footage from the Parkins and today is the day the 2011 World Cup downhill finally kicks off […]