Lapierre have a long history dating back to 1946 and in recent years the French super-brand have beeped louder and louder on the mountain bike radar away from their native turf and done so with […]

Review: Kore Torsion SX V2 Pedals

Born out of California some 20+ years ago, Kore have come a long way since the heady days of the 90’s where stems as long as your arm were the norm and lary colours where […]

Review: Kore Repute Stem, Mega Bars & Ikon Grips

Mountain biking can be a fickle sport sometimes and brands like the trends that spawned them, can often disappear off the ‘cool radar’ to only re-appear under new ownership, and quite often just as cheap […]

Review: Kore Durox Ti Saddle

A good saddle is worth its weight in gold, especially when mounted to a bike that spends more time being pedaled than being pushed… Trail riding can take you pretty far, far away from the […]

Kore Launch XX1 Compatible Freehubs

Back in mid 2012 when rumours and spy photos of Sram’s 11 x 1 drivetrain setup first started to emmerge across the internet, many of us saw a great idea and something to finally put […]