ExclusiveThe best carbon MTBs for 2016

There are a lot of incredible looking carbon fibre mountain bikes out there right now, each with amazing technology and unique selling points – but here are our 10 best carbon MTBs for 2016

ExclusiveBack to basics | Don’t forget to have fun!

Mountain bikes have come a long way from the shonky old things they used to be, but sometimes taking a step back is important – don’t forget to have fun out on the trails or you’ll forget about the very essence of mountain biking.

Intense Carbine 29 Expert bike review

The Carbine 29 wants to be treated dirty and ridden hard; It wants to claw up technical trails with your heart pounding at 170bpm, and it wants to tow you down through rocky gullies on the knife edge of your ability.

Intense M9 Chrome + Yellow

Oh yeah Intense! Pretty sweet looking M9 for your pleasure, props to the guys at Intense for offering their customers choice. This sport is about creativity and self expression so go grab hold of the […]