Race Face Clothing First Look | 2016

Race Face don’t just make great hardware for your steed – they make quality MTB clothing too. We check out some riding kit and the stylish Loam Ranger shirt…

Three lightweight MTB gloves

For ultimate feel, you can’t beat lightweight MTB gloves. They may not offer the protection or warmth of thicker gloves – but they give maximum feel through the bars. Here are three of our favourites.

Essential MTB gear| April 2015

There’s a lot of decent MTB riding kit around, and right now Endura, One Industries and Madison are looking really strong. Bright, bold colours work really well, and technical features are more prominent than ever.

Review: Royal Turbulence Gloves

When the temperature rises the requirements bestowed on the kit we wear rises too and this is just as prevalent with gloves as it is any other item in our riding wardrobe. The new Turbulence […]

Review: One Industries Sector Gloves

Gloves are a different bit of gear really; I mean this in terms that in a lot of ways your shorts and jerseys come and go. I think that gloves are more comparable to knee […]

Review: Fox Sidewinder Gloves

When you think about the ergonomic and anatomical requirements that a quality sports specific glove needs to adhere to, you begin to see why a good pair will outlive the rest of your riding wardrobe. […]

Review: Answer Won Gloves

As important as your bike’s contact points are to you, the same is also true of the kit that connects them back to you. Protecting your hands from all angles, a good pair of gloves […]

Review: Dakine Concept Gloves

A good pair of gloves can remain in your riding ensemble for longer than any other item for the simple reason that gloves are different – once you find a good pair, it’s hard to […]

Review: Royal Racing Minus Gloves

Winter. The will to go out and ride certainly wains when it’s cold and wet doesn’t it? More often than not, a compromise has to be made between comfort, tactility and warmth – all of […]

Review: Glacier Glove Premium CX Gloves

When I was asked to test some gloves from a brand called Glacier Glove, I must admit that I’d never heard of them, but when I was told they made gloves for the US Navy […]

Review: Royal Racing Mercury Gloves

Choosing to avoid riding your bike in the wet and cold might be a luxury for some, but here in the UK if you want to get out and ride, you’ve just got to suck […]