Review: Kore Torsion SX V2 Pedals

Born out of California some 20+ years ago, Kore have come a long way since the heady days of the 90’s where stems as long as your arm were the norm and lary colours where […]

Brendog DMR Vaults

Nothing about this edit sucks! Brendan Fairclough tells us about his new signature “Brendog Vault” pedals by DMR, which he has spent the last year designing with Ollie Wilkins. Judging by the amount of fun […]

Review: Moove Torque Pedals

Today’s market place is full to the brim with new brands and products vying for your hard earned cash, even though many of the products we use on our bikes have to an extent, plateaued […]

Review: Sombrio X-Slats Shoes

Flat pedals might be getting a run for their money at the races right now, but out on the trails, their popularity is still going from strength to strength and with more brands coming into […]

Review: Burgtec MkIII Penthouse Flats

Every brand has a stand out defining product in it’s range and for Burgtec, it’s their pedals. Burgtec is built upon the foundations of quality over everything else and delivering products that not only surpass […]