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Review: Atlas Original Neck Brace

Neck protection in the form of a brace that prevents the head from moving in a potentially life threatening way, is no longer a new concept and one that has thankfully been widely accepted across […]

Review: Royal Turbulence Gloves

When the temperature rises the requirements bestowed on the kit we wear rises too and this is just as prevalent with gloves as it is any other item in our riding wardrobe. The new Turbulence […]

Review: Kore Torsion SX V2 Pedals

Born out of California some 20+ years ago, Kore have come a long way since the heady days of the 90’s where stems as long as your arm were the norm and lary colours where […]

Review: Commencal Meta AM 3

The ‘All-Mountain’ market has never been better and with so many bikes with varying geometry, handling traits and now wheel sizes to choose from, the time to jump on a fresh “go anywhere” bike has […]

Review: Royal Racing Matrix Jacket

The weather. Like it or not, if you enjoy spending your free time in the outdoors, it’s something that will most definitely have a bearing on how you prepare to spend that oh so special […]

Review: Kore Repute Stem, Mega Bars & Ikon Grips

Mountain biking can be a fickle sport sometimes and brands like the trends that spawned them, can often disappear off the ‘cool radar’ to only re-appear under new ownership, and quite often just as cheap […]

Review: Royal Racing Cutter Hoody Jacket

What’s not to like about riding in a checked shirt? Having bought more than my fair share of ‘race tops’ in the past, most of which have spent more time in the back of the […]

Review: 100% Accuri Goggles

The goggle market is a congested one, with a plethora of manufacturers offering great products to fulfill all the needs of the consumer and ultimately to keep the dirt out of our eyes. So when […]

Review: Urge Down-O-Matic Helmet

After spending a great deal of time riding in one of our favourite helmets of 2011, the Endur-O-Matic, we knew that if Urge’s full face offering was anything like it, we would be in for […]

Commencal Meta AM

What happens when you take a world cup downhill race bike and re-engineer it so it can be pedalled back to the top of the trail? Well, that’s what Commencal have done here, slimming down […]