Charge Bikes

Fabric Cycling cageless water bottle

Fabric Cycling have once more stepped back to step forward – this time releasing the cageless water bottle. It’s a simple design, looks clean, is very secure and works well.

New! Charge Bikes 27.5+ for 2016

There’s no doubt that plus sizes are popular these days – be it distracting TV chefs like Nigella Lawson or those bizarre 29er+ size bikes championed by folk like Charlie the Bikemonger. The 2016 Charge Bikes 27.5+ range features six awesome looking hard tails, that can also accept 29in wheels…

Charge TV: The New Charge Scoop Saddle

Currently under review here at FJ, the Charge Scoop is quite unlike any other saddle on the market and this factual little video sheds a little light on this new and rather special perch – […]

Charge TV: Oakley X Charge Custom Road Bikes

Collaborations can be pretty cool, but especially so when Charge and Oakley are involved, road bikes or no road bikes – “The most famous bicycle race in the world, Le Tour De France celebrates it’s […]

Charge TV: Ty Kellett

Great story and from the looks of it, a really nice guy who loves life on two wheels as well as having one hell of a mini moto track in his back yard – “Ty […]

Charge TV: 29ers Can Jump

Chris Doney shows us what is possible on board his Charge Cooker 29er Single Speed; with a drop of skills anyway… He’s riding a stock single speed 29er Charge Cooker frame in size small with […]


  Now this is pretty cool by anyone’s standards – Charge Bikes will tomorrow, at 4pm GMT, unleash their popular Spoon saddle to the creative whims of the discerning cyclist – that’s you and me! […]

Review: Charge Bikes Spoon Saddle

A sore behind and being hours from the car is a sure fire way to ruin your day, so making sure you’ve got the right gear for your rear, is must for any cyclist. A […]

Red Bull x Charge Weavers

I don’t think I was the only one looking at this event from the outside with a little scepticism, but you only have to watch this video to see how wrong you can be. Taking […]