GT Sensor Carbon Expert 2016 Review

The GT Sensor Carbon Expert is a 130mm trail bike with lively geometry and a carbon front end – read on to see why it’s more fun than many 160mm bikes…

Specialized Demo Alloy Unveiled | New!

This brand new Specialized Demo Alloy DH bike is based on the Carbon Fibre masterpiece launched last year, but at a more friendly price for privateer racers, Check it out!

Hope Technology release the Hope Pro 4 hub

Hope Technology’s first cassette hub was the Ti-Glide, which appeared in 1993. The latest incarnation is the Hope Pro 4 – read all about it here and watch the mini documentary to find out all about how they are designed and made.

2016 Orange Segment Factory review

You don’t need long travel and 27.5 wheels to ride off road. Short travel 29ers can climb like goats and descend with the big boys if pushed to the limit. Read our 2016 Orange Segment Factory review to find out more…