Evoc Hip Pack Race 15litre Enduro Pack Review

June 9th, 2017

By Andrew Dodd in Features

Product Full Name | Evoc Hip Pack Race

Retail Price | £56.95 (no bladder) or £76.95 with bladder

Available From | Silverfish 

Evoc Hip Pack race – carry the minimum in style

Hip Packs. Bum Bags. Fanny Packs. Enduro Packs.

Call them what you like – they’re a great way of carrying the basics out on the trail and staying cooler in the warmer months.

This pack – the Evoc Hip Pack Race – is a decent size and is really comfortable to use…

Evoc Hip Pack

The Evoc hip pack might be small, but it has a tardis like storage capacity. Photo | Steve Behr

The Details

Made from the same tough ripstop nylon as all Evoc bags, the Evoc Hip Pack has a 3litre capacity.

It accepts an optional 1.5litre Hydrapak bladder, and even when full there is still plenty of room for storage internally.

The main compartment has a bladder loop and pocket, and there’s a separate pocket that’s long enough for a mini pump.

On the outside of the pack is a zippered tool compartment with mesh pockets – it’s very similar in use to the tool compartment on full size Evoc bags.

There is also a bottle pocket; and twin waist pockets that are ideal for multitools.

The waist strap itself is nice and wide, and helping it secure the bag to your body are two compression straps that pull the whole pack in to your back.

Like all decent Evoc bags, the Evoc Hip Pack has a padded air flow back for comfort and ventilation.

Out On The Trail

The Evoc Hip Pack is a seriously comfortable bit of kit to use, and it offers enough options for storing what you need.

I found that in combination with a water bottle or storage on the bike, you can carry pretty much everything you need including an extra layer. In winter you might not find the Evoc Hip Pack big enough as you will want a beanie, and sometimes several extra layers.

Like all decent Evoc bags, the Evoc Hip Pack has a padded air flow back for comfort and ventilation.

The Evoc Hip Pack sits well on your bag, and is durable and weatherproof. Photo | Steve Behr

But for most sub three hour rides you will do, you can carry plenty. Even with the 1.5litre bladder full I could stuff an inner tube; pump; tools; energy gels and my phone in the bag. But with a water bottle on the bike and not using the bladder you can carry quite a bit, including a lightweight jacket.

Once you have loaded the pack, it’s easy to position on your hips. Tightening the waist strap holds the Evoc Hip Pack in position and the two load straps pull the pack on to your body. Much like the load straps found on the top of rucksack shoulder straps.

It’s stable too – unless completely loaded with water and supplies, there isn’t much movement.

We Say

The Evoc Hip Pack Race is a great hip pack – it’s bigger than the Source Hipster; but every bit as stable in use. 

And it’s deceptively cavernous too – the 3litre size tells you how much storage there is, but it’s very useable and will still swallow a decent mini pump.

The best thing about this bag is the freedom, especially on hotter days. Who doesn’t like to ride bareback? 




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