E13 TRS+ Dropper Post Reveiw

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Product Full Name | e13 TRS+ Dropper seat post

Retail Price | £259.99

Available From | Silverfish

E13 TRS+ Dropper Post

When dropper posts first arrived on the scene, they were more of a luxury than a necessity. These days with the way riding has progressed, they are possibly the biggest single influence on how aggressively you can ride a bike in control.

Although Rockshox dominates the market with the hydraulic Reverb post, e13 has just released this mechanical, user serviceable post.e13 TRS+ Dropper Post

The Detail

Based on a fully mechanical design, the e13 TRS+ dropper post has a coil spring assembly inside, rather than a cartridge air unit. This means no nitrogen charged unit that is not an easily serviceable – the whole post is easy to pull apart for maintenance.

It’s also cable actuated, but unlike many other posts that use a fiddly cable clamp at the bottom of the post, the e13 design uses the cable nipple at the bottom of the post. The clamp is based at the lever end.

There is 150mm of drop on this post, though a 125mm option is also available. And there are four heights that you can switch between (150mm-110mm-80mm-slammed on the 150mm drop model, and 125mm-95mm-65mm-slammed on the 125mm model).e13 TRS+ Dropper Post

The lever is the best unit we’ve seen by a long way. It sits under the bars like a front mech shifter, and has a cool grip tape pad for traction.

It has a very smooth action thanks to cartridge bearings, and is a cinch to set up.

Out On The Trail

We’ve been riding a pre-production e13 TRS+ dropper post for a few months now and been really impressed with the performance.

The action definitely feels mechanical, but it’s very smooth, and the settings are defined with a clunk. Our pre-production sample is a little noisier than production models, but the action is the same.e13 TRS+ Dropper Post

Although there are four heights to use, it can be hard out on the trail to get the post in to the setting you desire – I found the 80mm half way setting easy to get in to, and used it a lot.e13 TRS+ Dropper Post

The 110mm height was a little harder to find and only takes a light nudge on the shifter – but it’s ultimately down to you to ‘feel the height’ as you sit down on the post. It’s something you can learn, but I found it wasn’t that natural initially.e13 TRS+ Dropper Post

The overall action though has been flawless. It’s mostly been ridden in terrible conditions and has not slipped or played up in anyway. And there’s virtually no play at the clamp either.

Check out the service video right here:

We Say

The e13 TRS+ dropper post is a really well thought out dropper post, with a good action and the best mechanical lever on the market.

We love that it is easily serviceable, although some might prefer the four positions to have a little more definition. 

It has been working brilliantly – and still is. This one’s staying on my bike! 




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