Huck Norris Puncture Protection Review

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Product Full Name | Huck Norris Puncture Prevention Ninja

Retail Price | £54.95

Available From | Velo Brands

Huck Norris Puncture Protection Review

Although setting your tyres up tubeless is a brilliant way of improving your ride and reducing punctures, there are still a few niggles with tubeless set ups.

If you’re a hard rider, you can split tyre casing under big impacts in the same way an inner tube suffers from pinch punctures. This can also damage your rim.

Although there are a few options out there to solve this issue, they are expensive and hard to justify for many riders (check out Procore right here)

This is where Huck Norris comes in – as it’s a relatively cheap solution and is easy to fit…

Huck Norris

The Huck Norris system might look like strips of camping mat, but is actually a fair bit firmer.

The Details

Huck Norris is a cellular foam tyre insert that sits on top of the rim, protecting the rim and helping eliminate tyre cuts.

The system comes in three different widths, to accommodate different rim and tyre sizes. The system also fits 29in; 27.5in and 26in wheels simply by trimming down to the correct length.

A short hook and loop strap joins the insert, and you install simply by pushing in to the tyre like you would an inner tube.

Huck Norris

The Huck Norris system is a cinch to install, and is barely noticeable once in place. But it does offer decent protection.

The cellular foam used doesn’t absorb tubeless fluid, and actually makes seating tubeless tyres a bit easier as it naturally pushes the beading in to place.

Out On The Trail

With about 20psi in my tyres, the first ride on the Huck Norris system was promising. I could feel the rims hitting roots and rocks out on the trails, but the feeling was dulled and doesn’t feel quite as damaging as rims bottoming out normally.

Unlike the Schwalbe Procore system, Huck Norris doesn’t add anything to tyre stability – but definitely gives you peace of mind when firing in to rough and rocky terrain.

I’ve been riding Huck Norris for a couple of months, and in honesty had just forgotten it was there until I landed from a drop right on to the side of a rock jutting from the ground. There was a bit of a bang, and I managed to damage the rim doing so – but the tyre did not receive any damage.

Huck Norris

Although Huck Norris aims to protect against rim damage, a 200lb rider landing on a rock edge is still going to damage a rim. No sidewall slash though – job done.

It was just the sort of impact that could slice a tyre, and on inspection after the Huck Norris insert split at the point of rim damage.Inspecting the insert revealed a few other small splits – a sign that it does indeed go some way to protecting tyres and rims.

For what it costs and what it weighs (under 90grams uncut), the Huck Norris system is a good system for helping reduce rim damage and tyre slashes. Well worth a look.

We Say

Huck Norris puncture protection is a great system for that bit extra protection when belting it along rough trails.

It weighs virtually nothing, so you can leave in all year round – and if you felt you only wanted extra protection on your back wheel then you could always go halves with a mate…




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