Pivot Mach 5.5 Carbon | First Ride

May 18th, 2017

By Andrew Dodd in Bikes,Features

Pivot Mach 5.5 Carbon – Initial Impressions

This is the brand new Pivot Mach 5.5 Carbon – a 140mm travel frame, designed for 27.5in wheels and features clearance for up to 2.6in tyres.Pivot Mach 5.5 Carbon

This lovely looking frame features the DW Link suspension platform and has a new upper link with a cartridge bearing on the shock mount. This delivers an incredibly supple action – the friction normally felt on a traditional shock bush design is dramatically reduced by the use of a bearing.

The frame’s carbon structure is a new design too, and is almost as tough as the heavy-duty Firebird – but features a similar weight saving lay up to the lighter weight frames in the range. Pivot Mach 5.5 Carbon

Here are the main points of the Pivot Mach 5.5 Carbon:

  1. 140mm dw-link™ rear suspension with Pivot’s mid-travel specific linkage design
  2. Designed for forks up to 160mm travel.
  3. Accepts 27.5” wheels, and has clearance for up to 2.6in
  4. Press fit 92mm bottom bracket.
  5. 430mm chain stays
  6. 12 x 148mm Boost rear spacing for maximum stiffness and control.
  7. 180mm rear post mount
  8. 2x water bottle mounts. Main frame and under down tube (except XS which only has a single mount in the traditional position)
  9. Available in 5 sizes from X-Small to X-large
  10. Pivot Cable Port system for easy internal routing of shifters, brakes and droppers and full Di2 Integration
  11. Cable Port routing for the Fox Live system (yet to be released)
  12. Front derailleur compatible with Pivot’s stealth E-Type mounting system
  13. Quiet low durometer rubberised frame protection
  14. Size XL – under 30lbs ready to ride
  15. Pivot Mach 5.5 Frameset | £3300
  16. Pivot Mach 5.5 complete bikes | £4850 to £9000
  17. This build – XTR 1X | £7400
  18. Available from | Upgrade Bikes
Pivot Mach 5.5 Carbon

Pivot Cycles has used the DW-link system for years now, and is one of the best feeling platforms that uses the system. The back end is very active, but sits up in the travel more than some other twin linkage systems – this feels great on the trail, especially when climbing.

Whilst more and more bikes these days are designed with 1x transmissions in mind, Pivot Cycles still allow the use of a twin-chainring set up, using a removable e-type mount adaptor. There is full routing for Shimano Di2 integration, and also for the new Fox Live system that will be released soon.

The Pivot Mach 5.5 is a stunning looking bike, especially in the bold red colour – though a more subtle black model with blue detailing is available too. We know which we’d rather have…

How does it ride?

Whilst not quite in the realm of the really long bikes, the sizing on the Pivot Mach 5.5 is modern and has plenty of room – there’s also a load of stand over height. The head angle feels good at 66.5 degrees – aggressive enough for it’s intentions.

The back end is very supple – the combination of the cartridge bearing in the shock mount with the 2018 Fox EVOL shock just feels amazing. The wheel really does hug the contours of the ground, and the traction on offer is immense. This is further enhanced by the monstrously large 2.6 tyres, mounted on exclusive Reynolds carbon rims with a 36mm internal width.

Pivot Mach 5.5 Carbon

Although we didn’t have long on the Mach 5.5, we took it for a blast through some of the more natural parts of trail in the Forest of Dean to get a feel. Photo | Steve Behr

The Pivot Mach 5.5 has a really playful ride – the 430mm chain stays encourage you to pop the front wheel up, and the bike is quite happy in the air too.

Although we didn’t spend long that long riding the Mach 5.5, we could tell that the frame is stiff – but not quite as stiff as the burlier Firebird. It’s definitely a bike that’s happy to be thrown down black rated trails, but is comfortable enough to be an all day trail cruiser too.


For more details on the Pivot Mach 5.5, head to Pivot Cycles 




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