Cane Creek Helm | First Look

May 8th, 2017

By Andrew Dodd in Features

Cane Creek Helm – Launch Edition Blue

We’ve just received our test sample of the Cane Creek Helm fork.

Currently only available in a 27.5in model, this fork can be set up with 100-170mm of travel and has a few really neat features that are a little different to similar spec forks from Fox or Rockshox…Cane Creek Helm Launch Blue

The Details 

Externally, the Cane Creek Helm has a sturdy chassis based on 35mm stanchions and a Boost 110mm spacing.

Instead of using known axle systems, the Helm has a unique D-Loc system. This is a squared axle that slides in to the fork and has a retaining lock to hold it in place. Tension can be adjusted on the lever in the similar way as the Maxle.

The retaining lock is nicely made and has a clean, positive action. This combined with the squared axle should make for a stiff and secure set up.

Unlike their shocks, the Cane Creek Helm fork has a mono-tube damper design that uses an expanding bladder system. This is similar to what Fox and Rockshox use, and means the fork can be stripped easily for lower leg services and internal adjustments.

The damper itself itself offers externally adjustable high and low speed compression damping on the top of the right hand leg. Cane Creek Helm Launch Blue

On the bottom of the right leg is the Low Speed Rebound adjustment knob. Like the Compression dials, it’s a machined offering with a smooth action and defined clicks.

The left leg houses the air spring assembly. Under the top cap is a Schrader air valve that fills the positive air chamber – you set your air pressure here, at roughly 50% your body weight.

At the bottom of the leg is a cap that covers an air bleed valve. You depress this to fill the negative air chamber once you have filled the positive chamber. Having it this way means you can then release a little more from the positive chamber – increasing the negative air spring. This makes the initial breakaway buttery smooth.

You can also adjust air volume internally, without needing spacers of any kind. There is a simple piston held in place with a wingnut that can be repositioned to increase progression.

Cane Creek Helm Launch Blue


Here’s what you need to know about the Cane Creek Helm: 

  1. 160mm travel out the box
  2. Internally adjustable travel up to 170mm and down to 100mm in 10mm increments
  3. Travel spacers are machined aluminium
  4. 35mm stanchions
  5. Tapered steerer only
  6. 44mm offset
  7. 2070grams
  8. Positive Air spring
  9. Manual Negative Air Spring
  10. Air Volume adjustment (8 position internal adjustment, no spacers needed)
  11. High  and Low speed compression
  12. Low Speed Rebound damping
  13. Mono Tube damper unit
  14. D-Loc axle system
  15. 15mm x 110mm Boost spacing
  16. 27.5in wheel size
  17. 180mm Post Mount
  18. Strictly only 300 available in the Limited Edition Launch Blue
  19. Retail price | £950
  20. Available From | Extra UK

We’ll be plugging the Cane Creek Helm fork on tomorrow, and will report back soon with some initial impressions…




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