MRP Ramp Control | First Look

May 5th, 2017

By Andrew Dodd in Features,Tech

MRP Ramp Control – Externally Adjustable Fork Bottom Out

We’ve just had this neat little MRP Ramp Control device in for test.

It’s an externally adjustable unit that allows you to adjust how your fork feels at the end of it’s stroke.

MRP Ramp Control

Although this model is the Fox 32 version, we have installed an MRP Ramp Control to a Fox 34 fork for test.

Essentially it’s a replacement air cap, with a built in air chamber. This allows you to externally adjust the end of stroke feel on your fork without affecting the mid stroke and overall feel.

This is something you can achieve with air volume spacers – but is far more adjustable, and very easy to dial in. Ideal if you like to experiment with your fork settings, or for use on a bike that’s ridden by different riders.

Here are the full details of the MRP Ramp Control:

  1. Adds speed-sensitive ending-stroke control and bottom-out force adjustability to compatible Rock Shox and Fox forks.
  2. Weighs approx 55 g
  3. Lighter than most air-spring assemblies with more than two tokens.
  4. Isolate and tune bottom-out with minimal changes to initial and mid-stroke.
  5. Bring your tuning to the trail and out of the workshop!
  6. Easy installation requires little time and few tools – no lower-leg removal required!
  7. 9 different MRP Ramp Control models are available to suit Rockshox and Fox forks
  8. Better bottom out resistance than can be achieved with tokens/air volume spacers alone
  9. UK pricing from £139.99
  10. Available from Ison Distribution


The MRP Ramp Control is a cinch to fit – you simply deflate your fork and remove the existing top cap and air volume spacers, then insert the MRP unit in place.

It tightens using a standard cassette tool and an 11mm socket.

We’ve installed an MRP Ramp Control to a Fox 34 fork with 120mm travel – and will report back soon once we’ve spent a bit of trail time on it.

MRP Ramp Control





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