Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS Helmet Review

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Product Full Name | Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS Decoy

Retail Price | £140

Available From | Saddleback UK

Troy Lee Designs A2 – the most wanted just got better

The A1 is one of the most popular mountain bike helmets around – mainly due to the impeccable styling and secure feel. It’s also one of the best fitting helmets out there – but can be a touch on the warm side.

Troy Lee Designs A2

The Troy Lee Designs A2 peak is mounted with aluminium hardware, and has a slightly more aggressive look. The straps now feature a non-adjustable anchor that sits in the optimal position

This is the new Troy Lee Designs A2 model, which isn’t just a revised helmet with improved vents though – the TLD design team has improved on just about everything possible, including safety…

The Detail

With a very similar shape to the A1 (check our review right here) , the A2 is already a familiar friend – but has a new more aggressive look thanks to the massive new vents and splined ridges between them.

Where the A1 had 16 vents all in, the A2 features 13 vents – but they are 25% larger. And where they have removed material from the helmet to increase airflow, they added it back again to create the strengthened, splined ridges.

Unlike the A1, the new Troy Lee Designs A2 has a dual density construction from EPS (expanded polystyrene) and EPP (expanded polypropylene). This allows the helmet to handle high and low speed impacts more effectively – there is 16% more material on the front of the helmet in the area that protects the frontal lobe.

Troy Lee Designs A2

The rear cradle features the same easy adjustment as the A1

The Troy Lee Designs A2 comes with MIPS (Multidirectional Impact Protection System) as standard, and an improved retention system for adjusting the fit. It also has an improved X-Static padding system.


Out On The Trail

Troy Lee Designs A2

Air flow is noticeably improved on the new A2 – this will please those who run hot, though it’s not an essential for UK riders given our climate.

The stand out thing about the A1 for us was the fit – never before have we seen a helmet that fits so many head shapes so well. Thankfully the Troy Lee Designs A2 follows suit – it actually feels a little more roomy, compared to the later MIPS equipped A1 helmets that could feel a little snug.

The padding also feels more comfortable, and the new air flow can be noticed even before you ride anywhere. When you get rolling, it’s quickly apparent that the A2 is a very different helmet.

At a glance, it looks like slightly more aggressive version of the A1 – but once out on the trails it feels much more like a hyper-ventilated XC lid; except with that deep confidence inspiring fit.

The A2 works excellently with goggles, but like the A1 can be a little fiddly with glasses as you need to either slide the ear stems under the retention cradle – or run them over the top. No biggie, but it could affect certain glasses.

Although thankfully we’ve not ploughed head first in to anything yet, it’s a matter of time when we find out how protective the A2 is. But it certainly feels more substantial than the tough-as-old-boots A1, despite the improved ventilation.

We Say

The Troy Lee Designs A2 is a revised and improved version of the ultra popular A1 helmet. It has more ventilation; is comfier and not only does it offer more material to cope with impacts – it features a brand new dual density construction for safety.

Although the A1 is still a very good helmet, we’re all for improved safety and ventilation. The A2 is a blinding bit of kit. 




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