Marin Wolf Ridge 2018 Unveiled

April 20th, 2017

By Andrew Dodd in Bikes,Features,Tech

Marin Wolf Ridge launched using Naild R3ACT suspension platform

Iconic North American company Marin Bikes has just released their latest bike – the rowdy looking Wolf Ridge, which features the unusual and low slung new Naild R3ACT suspension platform…


Aiming to avoid all the current categories for suspension bike usage, Marin claims the Wolf Ridge is a bike that climbs and descends equally. A bike where wheel travel does not define the category.

They have achieved this by teaming up with Naild® to design, craft and build the Wolf Ridge around the unique R3ACT – 2 Play® system.


Naild R3ACT 2-Play suspension platform

The Naild R3ACT system is essentially a four bar suspension design, but features a sliding suspension element (like a fork stanchion tube) joining the swing arm to the main frame. This is used to control keep suspension bob under control and enable the system to remain fully active.

“Naild’s R3ACT – 2 Play system has unique core kinematics which manage the inertia of acceleration loads. The system does not require platform/lockouts from external devices on any travel applications, even the 160mm travel of the Wolf Ridge.

A custom kinematic was developed with Naild to ensure that the Wolf Ridge would have the pedaling prowess previously unattainable a long travel bike”

Check out how the system works in this video:

Marin Wolf Ridge 2017

Marin Wolf Ridge 2017

Here are the main details of the Marin Wolf Ridge: 

  1. Full carbon fibre frame, developed with biometric data to localise weight on each size
  2. Naild patent-pending R3ACT – 2 Play rear frame member
  3. Trail geometry with a low BB height
  4. 66.5° head tube angle
  5. 435mm chain stays
  6. 29” wheels
  7. 160mm front and rear travel
  8. Exclusively 1x drivetrains
  9. 2 x models – Wolf Ridge 9 and Wolf Ridge Pro
  10. Wolf Ridge 9 | £5750
  11. Wolf Ridge Pro | £7750
  12. Full details can be found at Marin Bikes UK

Check out the Marin Wolf Ridge in action right here:




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