MTB Essentials | Howard Wagstaff | Pedal & Spoke

April 18th, 2017

By Andrew Dodd in Features

MTB Essentials | Howard Wagstaff from Pedal and Spoke in Peaslake

Words and Pics | Ben Ripley 

Howard Wagstaff is the owner and manager of Pedal and Spoke bikes in Peaslake, a Santa Cruz dealer in the heart of the Surrey Hills.

If you’ve ever ridden in the Surrey Hills you’ll know the MTB mecca that is Peaslake and Howard’s small but impressive shop really can’t be missed…

Pedal and Spoke

Howard is the friendly face you might recognise from Pedal and Spoke in Peaslake – where the MTB scene is thriving.

Howard loves riding bikes as well as selling and maintaining them, and when he’s not helping people out with any number of mechanical issues during their rides, he regularly leads shop rides around the local single track hotspots.  But you may not be aware he is also a demon rower! Part of a trans-Atlantic rowing bid last year he and the rest of the crew had to be rescued mid-ocean after battling severe storms for two days.  And Howard’s training for another attempt next year!

This is the tenth part of our MTB Essentials series where we talk to industry workers and fellow riders about five MTB-related things they simply can’t be without.
Last time we spoke to Whyte Bikes Sales and Training Manager Neil Halcrow. Check it out right here.
This time, we chat to Howard about the five things that his MTB lifestyle simply cannot live without…

Topeak Joe Blow Blaster track pump

Pedal and Spoke

“Tubeless tyres are almost essential these days but not everyone finds conversion easy.  So we do a lot of conversions on customers’ bikes and all our new bikes come set up tubeless.  That means we need a really reliable method of inflating tyres with a minimum of fuss and swearing!  This Topeak pump does the job every time.”

We reviewed the Topeak Joe Blow Booster Pump and loved it – read our review right here  

Park Tools Chain Checker

“It’s easy, especially in winter, to let the grime and slop take its toll on your chain without knowing how bad things are getting.  A quick check with one of these tools lets you know immediately if you need a new chain.
As long as the ‘flat’ end of the tool doesn’t go down into the chain link you’re good.  If it does, replace the chain otherwise if you let it go you’ll soon be looking at a bill for a new chain, chainring and cassette.  You know checking makes sense!”

Check out our Top Tools feature – with a load of handy tools you might not realise you needed – right here

Pedros Pedal Spanner

Pedal and Spoke

“Another fairly basic item that we just can’t be without.  With a large demo fleet we’re sometimes changing twenty or thirty pairs of pedals in a busy day – and you need a reliable pedal spanner, as mundane as it seems!
This one has put in years of faithful service and we’re just about to upgrade it with a new grip!”

Pedros make loads of great tools and accessories – check out some of their biodegradable cleaners and lubes right here

27.5 Plus Size tyres and wheels

Pedal and Spoke

“I know – yet another standard right? Plus may not be right for everyone but around here on our sand-based soil it’s amazing.  So much fun and grip.  And it makes you feel like a hero on every ride!”

Check out Maxxis tyres right here.  Most mainstream tyre manufacturers offer alternatives.

A  good mechanic!

Pedal and Spoke

Pedal and Spoke owner Howard, with mechanic and apprentice Jack.

“It’s just Jack and I in the shop most of the time, and he’s great.  Couldn’t do it without him.  He’s my apprentice but I can leave him to assemble top-line bikes for customers or deal with the weekend stream of mechanicals and varied requests from the MTBers in Surrey Hills at the weekend.”




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