Race Face Turbine R 35 Stem Review

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Product Full Name | Race Face Turbine R 35 stem

Retail Price | £89.99

Available From | Silverfish

Race Face Turbine R – more fresh air than stem!

This tiny stem is the Race Face Turbine R – which is aimed squarely at the aggressive trail and enduro rider.

It has a 35mm diameter stem clamp, and is available in 32/40/50/60 and 70mm lengths.

Race Face Turbine R

The Race Face Turbine R is a stunning little stem. There really is more fresh air than aluminium on this thing!

The Details

With a serious amount of machining, this stem looks incredible.

It’s CNC machined from aluminium, has 4mm bolts and features a zero degree rise.

The face plate uses the Toplock system – you tighten the top two bolts to 5nm which lock the plate shut; then you adjust the bottom two.

Race Face Turbine R

We used the Race Face Turbine R stem with a Renthal Carbon bar – easy installation and no creaking.

This securely clamps the bars, and takes strain away from the bolts and in to the stem design. Clean, simple and effective.

Whilst the 50mm version weighs 138grams, this tiny 32mm version weighs 117grams – it really is light.


Race Face Turbine R

The Race Face Turbine R in 32mm looks amazing. Small, stiff and care-free once installed.

Out On The Trail

I installed the Race Face Turbine R stem on my Mondraker Dune and tightened it to the recommended 5NM torque setting using a Park Tools ATD-1 (Check the video on using the tool RIGHT HERE) with a Renthal Carbon Fatbar. I avoided using carbon compound – so I could see if any creaking would develop.Race Face Turbine R

The Race Face Turbine R stem feels absolutely rock solid in use, and once fitted becomes an invisible bike part – just the way great bike kit should be.

There is no noticeable flex, and to date there has been no creaking or noise.

A lovely bit of kit in the latest sizes.

We Say

The Race Face Turbine R stem is a really nice bit of kit – it does exactly what a stem should do, is easy to install and is ultra light.

It’s also possibly the nicest looking stem we’ve ever seen.  



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