Wickens and Soderstrom No3 Chain Lube

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Product Full Name | Wickens and Soderstrom No.3 lube, 125ml

Retail Price | £8

Available From |  Jungle Distribution 

Wickens and Soderstrom Number 3 – the lube that cleans

Keeping your transmission clean and lubed is the key to smooth shifting and reducing wear on expensive parts like the chain and cassette.

This lube from Wickens and Soderstrom is the cheaper version of the top flight Number 5 lube, but is so good we wanted to tell you about it – it’s not often a chain lube genuinely stands out.Wickens and Soderstrom No.3


Coming in a 125ml bottle, the Wickens and Soderstrom No3 lube is more expensive than similarly sized Finish Line and Muc Off wet lubes – yet still £6 cheaper than the top flight No5 lube.

With a combination of oils, waxes and micro particles this lube is designed to flush out old oil and grit that sits on the inside of the chain rollers. The kind of stuff that sounds bad, and wears out your transmission.Wickens and Soderstrom No.3

The consistency is similar to other wet lubes like Muc-Off; Pedros and Finish Line.

Out on the Trail

I’ve been using this lube all winter, and to date it’s been the best lube for local conditions I’ve ever used.

First application was on a clean and degreased SRAM Eagle transmission; although it’s been used on various test bikes running Shimano too.

Wickens and Soderstrom No.3

Although the chain looks gritty, it was running smoothly. The black gunk is old lube seeping from the rollers – the chain seems to get cleaner internally as the ride goes on.

The immediate thing you notice, is how quiet this stuff is. The second is after a few miles, black gunk starts appearing on the chain. This isn’t dirt and muck attracted to the lube – it’s the old crap being flushed out.

I’ve used other lubes that achieve this in the past, which have worked as well when it comes to flushing gunk out, but not ones that continue to lube at the same time.

Wickens and Soderstrom No.3

This is a Shimano chain, on a Kona longterm bike – having been rinsed off after a foul ride. No cleaners or degreaser used – just a hose and a brush…

Even when the going gets gunky and wet, there really isn’t a lot of noise. And it will last a 2hr mud plug happily – my usual 2hr jaunts through the winter (check this video out for an example) have seen the chain still running fairly smoothly despite the utterly horrendous conditions.

Unlike some other chain lubes that attract and leave a bit of a mess, I’ve not needed to use degreaser the entire time I’ve used Wickens and Soderstrom No.3. With just a hose and a brush, the muck has been falling off – leaving a clean transmission ready for action again. It’s really impressive.

We Say

Chain lube is a hard thing to be excited about, but Wickens and Soderstrom No.3 is brilliant stuff. 

It keeps things quiet, helps clean your chain and actually makes cleaning the chain easier. We’ll take another, thanks. 



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