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Hiplok Z Lok Security Ties | First Look

April 10th, 2017

By Andrew Dodd in Features

HipLok Z Lok –  lockable metal zip ties

We’ve seen all sorts of methods for securing bikes on that mid-ride cafe stop before, ranging from basic top and tail stacking to using things like helmets to clip bikes together. Pretty much anything that would put off an opportunist.

The Hiplok Z Lok is an ultra lightweight, reinforced locking cable tie that is perfect for those exact scenarios…

Hiplok Z Lok

The Hiplok Z Lok is essentially a reinforced and lockable zip tie. You can’t treat it as a secure lock, but for securing bikes to a bike rack; or daisy chaining bikes together outside the cafe it’s perfect!

Hiplok specialise in making wearable locks (check this review out) that are worn around the waist, and offer various levels of security.

There are two Z Loks in each pack, with a single locking key.

It’s a very simple system and really is ideal for those unplanned stops. If you and your riding friends all had them, you could easily secure a number of bikes – it’s enough to make an opportunist thief move on.

Hiplok Z Lok

The Z Lok is a great little invention. Grab a set and keep them in your riding bag.

The new Z Lok is by no means a high-security item – but it can be used in a number of useful ways like securing bikes to your bike rack or daisy chaining bikes together on pub stops.

Here are the full details:

  1. Reusable Armoured Zip Tie
  2. Double metal ratchet design
  3. Reinforced steel core
  4. Universal release key
  5. Two included in each pack, with one locking key
  6. Suitable for Low Risk security use
  7. Weigh 20grams each
  8. 420mm long (400mm locking diameter)
  9. Retail Price – £14.99
  10. Available From – Hiplok or your local bike shop
Hiplok Z Lok

The Hiplok Z Lok comes in several bright colours, as well as darker colours – we think you may as well go for the bright colours to draw attention to the fact that you have something securing your bike/wheel etc.

What do you think of the Hiplok Z Lok?

Have you got any other simple solutions that don’t involve taking an actual lock with you?




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