Ride Your F#%king Bike! | Fox MTB Film

April 5th, 2017

By Andrew Dodd

Ride Your F#%king Bike – plain and simple!

Finally the wait is over – and the awesome new film from Fox MTB  is here!

Ride Your F#%king Bike starts with a tribute to Stevie Smith, with some inspirational words – before friends Josh Bryceland and Josh Lewis take us in to this 100% all killer and no filler 45minute banger of a video!

Starring  is a host of talent ranging from Australian karver Chris Kovarik through to Whistler local Kenny Smith…

Ride Your F#%king Bike

The Ride Your F#%king Bike Film from Fox is literally non-stop action and laughs all the way – absolutely essential viewing!

Ride Your F#%king Bike is a great return to friends having fun on bikes – there’s loads of messing about, road trips and a whole, bunch of laughs along the way.

Whilst there is some seriously insane riding on board, the feel of Ride Your F#%king Bike really is all about getting out there and wanting to ride – we struggled getting past the first 15minutes before wanting to head out to the trails and shred!

The film is a great send off for Stevie Smith – although he’s gone his spirit lives on.

Check the video out right here:

Ride Your F#%king Bike is honestly one of the best MTB films we’ve seen in a long time, and will make you plan a road trip with your mates this summer.

Get out there and just Ride Your F#%king Bike – after watching this, of course!

Ride Your F#%king Bike

A few of the stars of the film – Josh Lewis, Josh Bryceland, Kirt Voreis and Chris Kovarik. The recipe for a damned good bike movie!

Ride Your F#%king Bike

Bike Parks, Skateparks, Car Parks, Street – anything goes!

Ride Your F#%king Bike

Obviously the crew are draped in the latest Fox Racing kit – which all looks amazing. We especially like the new Proframe helmet.

Ride Your F#%king Bike

The boys and their bikes. And the poor van that was subject to Josh Bryceland and his weak bladder.



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