Rockshox Reverb 1X Remote First Look

April 4th, 2017

By Andrew Dodd in Features,Tech

Rockshox Reverb 1X Remote – we’ve already ridden it!

You might have seen a few sneaky shots popping up on the internet of this exciting new Reverb remote lever – but now it is officially released.

We spent some time riding the Rockshox Reverb 1X last week, and can’t believe how good it feels.

Rockshox Reverb 1x

The new Rockshox Reverb 1X lever looks clean and tidy on the bars, and is in the perfect position to nudge when riding. The difference using it on rough terrain is day and night compared to the original – and adjusting seat height whilst tackling uneven terrain is so easy.

Using it is really natural and it’s easy to find and operate in rough conditions – something that the smaller push button remote struggled with…

Here are the main features: 

  1. Compatible with all B1 and A2 Reverb and Reverb Stealth models (identifiable by the black return speed adjuster on the standard remote)
  2. Superior ergonomics and lever feel
  3. Light lever action for ease of use
  4. Hydraulic actuation for adjustability and low maintenance
  5. Available option on all Reverb Stealth models
  6. Weighs 69.2g: only 21g heavier than the standard Reverb remote
  7. MatchMaker X or discrete clamp options
  8. Bleeding Edge™ lever bleed fitting
  9. Tooled speed adjust
  10. Backwards compatible with all B1 and A2 Reverb models in the market (black return speed adjuster knob)
  11. Retail price for Stealth post with new 1x Remote – £375 | €445
  12. Retail price for upgrade 1X remote kit – £90 | €105
  13. More details from SRAM


Reverb Remote 1X

We got to test ride the new Rockshox Reverb 1X remote lever on some rocky Spanish trails last week – and found we were able to make constant adjustments to saddle height with ease – the action is every bit as intuitive as changing gear.

Although the new Rockshox Reverb 1X remote is a lot bigger than the push button predecessor, it’s far easier to use and is always exactly where you want it. After a few days riding it, our regular push button remotes feel a lot trickier to use and more planning is needed for use on the trail.

You can see the remote in action in this GoPro clip from a test session last week with Mondraker Bikes in Spain…


What do you think of the new remote design – like the idea of it, or prefer the original push button design?

Let us know below! 




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