DMR V-Twin Clipless Pedal Review

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Product Full Name | DMR V-Twin Clipless pedal

Retail Price | £129.99

Available From | Upgrade Bikes

DMR V-Twin – the flat pedal institution changes direction

This is the new DMR V-Twin clipless pedal, which uses a Shimano SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) compatible retention system and has distinct DMR styling with a sleek machined cage design and adjustable platform features.

Unlike other similar SPD style designs out there, the DMR V-Twin has a sprung loaded design that keeps the leading edge of the retention system above the pedal for easy engagement. This is the system that until now has been used exclusively by Shimano, but the expired patent has allowed DMR to adapt the design for their take on the clipless pedal.

DMR V-Twin-3

The DMR V-Twin is a great looking pedal, and offers Shimano-like feel and durability with DMR looks.

The Details

Weighing in at 546grams a pair, the DMR V-Twin is very similar in weight to the Shimano DX (568grams), but a fair bit heavier than the Crank Brothers Mallet at 468grams.

Built around a fully SPD compatible retention system, the DMR V-Twin has adjustable tension via a 3mm Allen key, and a unique cage adjustment system that allows for perfect support on your preferred shoes.

DMR V-Twin

The shim system is easy to customise, and if you want vice like grip, you can add pedal pins. Have it your way.

This is achieved by nylon bumpers with 7 tuneable pins per side; and shims to raise the height to customise shoe contact.

Due to using various shoes, we ran our DMR V-Twin pedals with the stock set up, and they felt great. We also used them mostly with existing Shimano cleats – and found them to work perfectly.

DMR V-Twin

The axle system is easy to look after, and spare parts are available for looking after your pedals.

The axle design is very similar to the Shimano, except the bearings push in to the body itself – more like the Crank Brothers Mallet. The DMR V-Twin is very easy to pull apart for maintenance – which is especially essential for UK riders!

DMR V-Twin-17

The DMR V-Twin pulled apart for cleaning.

Cleat design is almost identical to Shimano, though the included cleats offer 5degrees of float and Shimano offer 4degrees – we didn’t notice any difference though.

Out On The Trail

We spent a bit of time sorting shims on the pedals, and found we only needed to run a couple on the leading edge, but this didn’t work with all shoes. As we use a lot of shoes, we mostly ran the DMR V-Twin with no shims, and just the stock nylon spacers. We never felt the need to use pins either, as the mechanism offers a secure lock in feel – very different to the Crank Brothers feel.

It is however, a great system and really does mean you can tune the pedal to feel exactly as you want.DMR V-Twin-1

Engagement is easy – and feels the same as Shimano. Certainly a good thing; and the pedal performs equally as well in all conditions. The sprung mechanism that keeps the leading edge of the cage above the pedal for engagement really is the key to this pedal working  – it’s the only way you can have shoe contact with the pedal and still clip in/out easily.

DMR V-Twin-4

The sprung jaw mechanism is what puts the DMR V-Twin up there with Shimano and Crank Brothers in terms of performance.

(Crank Brothers allow this with their rotating design; and Shimano have had this on the DX  – but many other caged designs have a mechanism mounted direct to the pedal body. If running pedal pins on designs like this, engagement is hindered and clipping out can be difficult)DMR V-Twin-2

After a filthy winter, we have noticed a few spots of surface rust appearing, but nothing to be concerned about as the mechanism of the pedals is constantly scratched and scuffed by cleats.

Pleasingly, the anodised finish of the machined cage has remained looking good. There is some dulling where the ball of the foot contacts and rubs when you clip out, but it’s pretty minimal.

They are very good pedals, and are still bolted to a longterm bike, and will be for some time…

We Say

The DMR V-Twin is a smart looking clipless pedal, with some excellent features and a robust build quality. 

We love the adjustable cage system, as this offers a true custom feel for your shoes – and we love that DMR hasn’t messed about with a clip-in system that has worked brilliantly from day one. 

DMR has joined the clipless pedal market where the excellent, but somewhat dated Shimano DX pedal has left off – and they’ve made a damned good job of it.





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