MRP Ribbon 120-170mm Enduro Fork

March 22nd, 2017

By Andrew Dodd in Features,Tech

MRP Ribbon – multi travel Enduro/All Mountain Platform released

Brand new from the folks at MRP comes this promising new fork.

The MRP Ribbon is available in both 29in and 27.5in sizes, has from 120mm-180mm of travel and is Boost compatible…

MRP Ribbon

The Outcast forward facing arch makes a lot of sense in UK conditions!

Designed, tested and built in Colorado, the MRP Ribbon takes it’s name from a trail local to the MRP HQ.

With a variety of terrain from slow, techy moves and near-vertical rollers and slickrock slabs with speeds in excess of 80 km/h, the R+D team knew what the MRP Ribbon needed to do, and came up with this exciting new chassis that is available in 27.5in with 140-170mm of travel; or 29in with 120-160mm travel.

MRP Ribbon

The MRP Ribbon takes it’s name from the Ribbon trail that has elements of everything, and really pushes suspension to the max.

Here are the full features: 

  1. 35mm Stanchions
  2. 180mm Minimum Disc Rotor compatibility
  3. Forward facing Outcast arch – maintains low weight and rigidity but avoids muck build up
  4. Lower Leg Pressure relief valves
  5. Low Friction wiper seals
  6. Low friction damper compensator reduces weight and improves action
  7. Fulfill Positive and Negative chamber air spring system – externally adjustable
  8. Externally Adjustable 8 position Low-speed compression and rebound
  9. Externally adjustable 16-position Ramp Control
  10. Internally adjustable travel in 5mm increments
  11. 27.5in model features 140, 150, 160 or 170mm of travel
  12. 29in model features 120, 130, 140, 150 or 160mm of travel
  13. 4.15lbs for 27.5in model
  14. 4.2lbs for 29in model (also 27.5+ compatible)
  15. Boost 15 x 110mm axle spacing
  16. QR15 standard, and bolt on axle optional
  17. UK retail price £899
  18. Available from Ison Distribution
MRP Ribbon

The MRP Ribbon has a few nifty features not seen on other forks, like the pressure relief valves on the rear of the fork legs for keeping performance consistent at altitude or when pressure builds up. There’s also the Ramp Control which means you can alter the bottom out feel of the fork; and the reversed fork arch design to eliminate mud build up.

We’re looking forward to having a blast on the MRP Ribbon fork soon – keep an eye out for updates!MRP Ribbon






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