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Wind Hill B1kepark – Some Pre-opening Pics

March 16th, 2017

By Andrew Dodd in Features

Wind Hill B1kepark – West Countries next great riding spot!

We took a spin over to Wind Hill B1kepark yesterday with Chris Smith to see how things are getting on.

The trails are bedding in nicely, but things are still a little on the soft side – but Chris told us things are changing daily now the trees are in sucking mode for Spring.

Opening date is TBC – but we will let you know the second we know!

In the mean time here’s a small gallery to whet your whistle…

Wind Hill B1kepark - Pro Line

Chris Smith pushes back up for another run at the Boner Road Gap on the Pro Line at Wind Hill B1kepark. This line has some serious sized jumps!

We’ve just added a new pop up gallery feature to our smaller images on Factory Jackson. Click on the first image below now, and use the cursors to scroll through the images.

On mobile you can still pinch zoom – or click on the images and swipe through them to check them out…

Chris Smith emphasised us to tell everyone that Wind Hill B1kepark is NOT YET OPEN, and anyone caught riding risks being banned when the site opens officially.

A lot of the trails are still too soft to ride, and riding them before the’ve been completed means damage to those trails, and more time for the builders to fix them – delaying opening.

Wind Hill B1kepark is part of the B1ke system, which means you need to be a member to ride.

It is FREE to join; and there are different options that include pay-as-you-ride; or opting for annual member ships. This also entitles you to the other spots that include Tidworth Freeride and the S4P Bikepark.

More information and details how to join RIGHT HERE 

Follow Wind Hill on Facebook for updates on when the place opens. 





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