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Orange Seal Tyre Sealant Review

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Product Full Name | Orange Seal Tubeless Sealant, 8oz

Retail Price | £14.99

Available From |  Extra UK 

Orange Seal – Reliable and Effective Tyre Sealant

A decent tyre sealant is essential to get the best out of a tubeless set up, and Orange Seal make two types. Endurance, which lasts longer but is slightly less effective against bigger holes – and their standard, which a lot of people are talking about at the moment.

We tested the standard Orange Seal sealant…Orange Seal tyre sealant review

The Details

Retailing for £15 in the 8oz size, there is enough to fill two 29in tyres or two 27.5in tyres with some spare fluid.

The orange milky fluid has a latex base, and is loaded with Nanites – small solid particles for clogging up the holes in your tyre.

Even before riding Orange Seal, it’s been on our radar for some time as it’s been spotted in the tyres at World Cup pits being used by a few different teams.

The fluid comes with an injection tube, and it’s also eco friendly and uses fully biodegradable ingredients.

In Action

We’ve been using the Orange Seal tyre sealant in several tyres over the winter, and have found it to work excellently. We’ve pulled out thorns and other debris from tyre carcasses that have been sealed so well that air hasn’t leaked out when removing the object.

We also noticed that on tyres that aren’t tubeless ready, Orange Seal does a good job of coating the inside of the tyre. We tried a non-tubeless Maxxis Crossmark, which although inflated first time did lose pressure over night. However, after topping up with air it’s stayed firm since and is used on a daily basis on a commuter bike.

Orange Seal tyre sealant review

Orange Seal can foam a little whilst it seals, but plugs holes fast as you ride.

To get an idea of how well Orange Seal does it’s job, we sacrificed a Maxxis Ardent tyre with a screw driver and a knife. Although different to real world testing out on the trail, it emphasises how effective the sealant is.

Note that a tyre sidewall slash like the one in the video would need to be repaired at the first opportunity. This can be done internally and externally with conventional tube repair patches, and is worth doing as it keeps your tyre going for longer.

We Say 

Orange Seal tubeless tyre sealant is very effective in sealing holes in the tyre carcass. No tyre sealant will make your tyre completely invincible to sharp objects, but Orange Seal does a damned good job in demanding situations.

Thorns and other sharp trail debris have proved no match, and the only thing that caused slight issues was the dreaded side wall slash. Our knife slash sealed and held long enough to get you home – but needed repairing for the longterm.

But being able to continue riding is the key factor in tyre sealant – and Orange Seal works brilliantly. 




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