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March 7th, 2017

By Andrew Dodd in Bikes,Features

Cannondale Moterra 1

The Moterra is Cannondale’s new all mountain e-bike and is available in two options.

The longer travel 160mm version runs on regular 27.5in wheels, and this shorter travel 130mm option that rolls on 27 Plus wheels…

Cannondale MoTerra-15

Same power, different price points

Unlike some other brands that offer a lower specced motor on their cheaper e-bikes, the Cannondale Moterra has the same Bosch 500wh battery and CX 250W motor system on all it’s models.

It keeps things simple, and means if you can’t afford the top whack model you can bag the same frame and work your way up through upgrades.

Here’s the full low down on the Cannondale Moterra 1:

  1. Aluminium frame construction
  2. 157mm rear axle spacing
  3. BOSCH Performance CX 250W motor
  4. BOSCH PowerPack 500Wh battery
  5. BOSCH Intuvia display
  6. Torsion Box downtube design – to maximise frame stiffness and create ideal battery placement.
  7. Si Motor mount – this proprietary Cannondale motor mount positions the Bosch drive unit in the best possible position.
  8. Low motor position allows ultra short chainstays and aligns the pivot so that suspension action is unaffected by motor and pedal torque – no pulleys or linkages needed!
  9. To protect the motor and battery from damage, the Cannondale Moterra features the BatStrap rubber battery cover and a burly, trials-style skid plate.
  10. Bottle cage compatible – rare for an e-bike
  11. 67.5degree head angle
  12. 74 degree seat angle
  13. 1240mm wheelbase (size XL)
  14. Approx 24kg
  15. This model – the Cannondale Moterra 1 costs £5199
  16. Full details and stockist details head to the Cannondale site RIGHT HERE
Cannondale Moterra 1

The position of the Bosch motor is one of the keys to the brilliant weight distribution of the Cannondale Moterra. Angling it down slightly enables the chainstay to tuck in better and stay in line with the chain line. It does mean the motor can strike the ground though – but Cannondale has covered it with a trials style sump guard. This is really effective and allows you to slide over obstacles like logs.

The position of the motor also gives a great chain line, and even in the horrendous thick mud we have locally doesn’t clog up like some other e-bikes.

The chain guide is a just-in-case installation, but hints at the overly capable abilities of the Cannondale Moterra.

A Fox Evol can offers a supple feel and decent ramp up. No complaints there, and the simple swing link operation feels brilliant thanks to the ration of sprung to unsprung weight.

We’re not the biggest plus size fans, but we can’t deny how much fun this thing is. We will be trying a regular 27.5in wheeled LT model ASAP though!

It’s nice to see quality aftermarket products like the Fabric saddle on the Moterra, and even the own brand lock on grips feel great.

Cannondale Moterra 1

Not bad looking for an e-bike eh? Sure, it’s chunky – but it’s a fun ride!

Cannondale Moterra 1

This sums up how you feel when you go out on the Cannondale Moterra 1. You feel like a hero.





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