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Wiral Cable Cam System | First Look

March 1st, 2017

By Andrew Dodd in Features,Tech

Wiral Cable Cam – compact kit offers pro style footage

You might have spotted Ben Deakin playing with a cool cable cam set-up on his social pages recently – he was using a prototype of the Wiral cable cam.

This compact set up is designed to be carried with you when you ride, and can be used with various cameras including the GoPro. Whereas drones can offer truly great footage, they can be limited due to size and how/where you can fly them.

The Wiral cable cam offers the scope to get some amazing footage even in heavily wooded areas…Product photo (3)

Kickstarter Funded

Although not yet ready for release, the Wiral cable cam is set to go on Kickstarter this May and hopefully will see production soon after. Sign up for more information right here

The concept of the Wiral Cable Cam system is that it easily fits in your regular riding bag, and works harmoniously with a GoPro. The 1/4″ mount on the base accepts adaptors for POV cameras, or even DSLR cameras – and weight limit is 1.5kg.Wiral Cable Cam

The Wiral Cable Cam is easy to attach to trees, posts and other trail side objects via the included mounting kit. The fold out arms guide the cable over the motor, which is operated by a remote control unit similar to the old twist throttle RC controllers for radio controller cars.

It can run up to 45kmph for tracking fast moving action, but also run very slowly for artistic time lapse videos. Wiral Cable Cam

Battery life is up to 4hours, and they are standard rechargeable lithium ion units. The controller accepts AAA batteries.

We’re hoping to be testing out a Wiral cable cam sample soon on our local trails – so keep watch for more information as we have it.

In the mean time check out this early test footage from Ben Deakin!






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