Pedal Pick-Up – Bike Collection Service

February 21st, 2017

By Andrew Dodd in Features,Lifestyle

Pedal Pick-Up – The Trailhead Go Green with Bike Collection Service

Our friends up at The Trailhead Bicycle Company have built a great community around Shrewsbury and have now added a unique service to their usual bike shop services.

With a specially built trailer, the Trailhead now offers the Pedal Pick-Up #onelessvan service. This is a free local service for customers using the shop for repairs and servicing…

Pedal Pick-Up - The Trailhead Bicycle Company

We love the concept of the Pedal Pick-Up service – would also double as a beer haulage trailer… Photo | Sandy Plenty

Pedal Pick-Up – Reducing Carbon Footprint

Despite the fact riding bikes is a green activity, many are forced to use cars for riding – or even just popping to the bike shop. With working weeks becoming busier and busier, Sandy and The Trailhead crew had the idea of building a trailer so they could collect and deliver bikes in and around Shrewsbury.

This is not only great for reducing the carbon footprint of themselves and their customers, but also a great community thing to do and really ups the ante of what local bike shops are best at.

Pedal Pick-Up - The Trailhead Bicycle Company

Photo | Sandy Plenty

It’s a brilliant concept, and to make it work the crew got stuck in and modified a Surly Bill trailer to carry multiple bikes and accessories.

Nothing like a spot of DIY

The Trailhead Bicycle Company is a great little shop located in Shrewsbury, and is not only crammed with carefully chosen bikes and components  – but is crammed with talented and motivated staff too.

Pedal Pick-Up - The Trailhead Bicycle Company

Photo | Sandy Plenty

So it was quite fitting that they all wanted in on the build of the trailer and chipped in collecting supplies and getting it done.

Here’s a few cool facts about the Pedal Pick-Up trailer and service:

  1. The trailer bed/frame is a ‘Surly Bill’ from the ‘Excellent’ trailer range
  2. Corner supports made from scrap metal – up-cycled from an old shelving unit we found in the bin
  3. Wood is off cuts from local roof truss company – donated
  4. All of the staff plaid a part in the build, primarily Dave Saunders though, aka ‘Bike Shop Dave
  5. The Pedal Pick-Up project goes by the hashtag #onelessvan
  6. Official name if enquiring about the collection/delivery service is ‘Pedal Pick Up’
  7. The Trailhead is increasing customer service, as well as lowering our carbon footprint
  8. Free service; pick up; drop off; service bikes or new bikes welcome
  9. The Trailhead also takes recycling to the local depot in it #onelessvan
  10. The Trailhead use a Surly Krampus 29″ plus bike for hauling the trailer
  11. Sandy and The Trailhead crew are happy to help and advise other bike shops/businesses wanting to make the switch

The Pedal Pick-Up service is one of the coolest things we’ve seen a bike shop do, and is the perfect example of why The Trailhead are doing so well. They are a dedicated crew of cyclists, and have not only built a community of riders around the shop – but continue to innovate the ways in which they serve their customers.

We’d LOVE to see this wheeled out around the UK. E-bikes would make an ideal bike for towing in hillier locations too – so there’s no reason not to give it a go.

Pedal Pick-Up - The Trailhead Bicycle Company

Photo | Sandy Plenty

Does your local bike shop do anything cool to go above and beyond usual service?

Let us know in the comments below!




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